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    Differentiating with respect to t implicitly

    a particle moves along the curve xy=10, x=2 and dy/dt=3, what is the value of dx/dt? i tried product rule and got x*y*dy/dt + y*x*dx/dt = 0 and the answer that i get doesnt appear on the multiple choice answers a)-5/2 b)-6/5 c) 0 d) 4/5 e) 6/5 i dont know what im doing...
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    Finding zero of function problem please help

    Homework Statement the function f(x)=tan(3^x) has one zero in the interval [0,1.4]. The derivative at this point is The Attempt at a Solution f'(x)= sec^2(3^x)*x3^(x-1) and i really cant seem to get a zero from that because i really dont know where to start and if im misinterpreting...
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    Chemistry pH problem help NaOH and HCl

    Chemistry pH problem help plz NaOH and HCl Calculate the pH after the following total volumes of .32M HCl have been added to 25 mL of 0.16M NaOH a. 0 mL c. 12.4 mL e. 12.6 mL b. 1 mL d. 12.5 mL f. 15.0 mL A. i have answered correctly but i cant...
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    Drill problem, linear speed of drill bit help

    Drill problem, linear speed of drill bit help plz [b]1. For a 12.7mm diameter drill bit turning at a constant 1250 rev/min find a) the maximum linear speed of any part of the bit; b) the maximum radial acceleration of any part of the bit [b]2. i switched the revs per minutes into 130.9...
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    Comparing momentum and impulse of sleds

    their kinetic energies were the same at the finish line
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    Comparing momentum and impulse of sleds

    [b]1. The one sled has a mass of 2m and the other sled has a mass of m show that sled one with mass 2m has a momentum of root2 compared to the sled with mass m. The only formulas that i could think to use were p=mv and sigmaF=dp/dt and i cant seem to find a way to relate them to get an...
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    English translation please! in math

    many thanks to both of u
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    English translation please! in math

    Base of the system problems, please help What is the base of the system in which 121 represents the same number as the decimal number 324? [b] I need someone to tell what this thing is saying thank you.
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    Chemistry kenitics problem

    [b]1. A certain reaction has an activation energy of 54.0 kJ/mol. As the temperature is increased from 22degrees celsius to a higher temperature, the rate constant increases by a factor of 7.00. Calculate the higher temperature. [b]2. ln(k)=-Ea/RT + ln(A) [b]3. i dont think that i...
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    Trig Identities

    did u use the double angle formulas of sin2u=2sinucosu and cos2u=1-2sin^2u?
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    Power expansion

    did u try F.O.I.L?(first outer inner last) i believe that is all it is asking
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    Chemistry kinetics

    Need Help!!!-Chemistry kinetics [b]1. Consider the following initial rate data for the decomposition of compound AB to give A and B: [AB]o(mol/L) Initial Rate(mol/L*s) .200 3.20*10^-3 .400 1.28*10^-2 .600...