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    Programs Americans doing physics PhD in Europe?

    Hey everyone, I was looking into international PhD programmes in Germany and was just curious if anyone had any experience in these. Instruction is entirely in English, although German language courses are required (something I wouldn't mind). The particular schools I am interested in are in...
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    Engineering Help engineering career choice

    If you really want to work in the aerospace industry I suggest you major in mechanical engineering. The two degrees are very similar but with a mechanical engineering degree you have more options in terms of potential employers.
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    Calc 2 before physics?

    I agree with what proton's comment about attitude. The worst thing you can do is let yourself be intimidated by calculus. Just study and do all the homework (this means try and do more than is assigned by you teacher if you can). If you do that you should be fine.
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    Calc 2 before physics?

    Integration is involved in a first semester calc based physics class. However, it is simple integration which you learn in calculus 1. I'm currently taking Calc. 2 and physics 1 and havn't run into any problems. Working that many hours a week in addition to taking classes would not work so good...
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    Maths needed for civil/mech engineering

    I don't think linear algebra is required for most mechanical/civil engineering programs. Calc 1-3 and diff eq. definitely.
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    Are aero engineering and Aerospace engineering the same?

    Yes they are the same. The only real "difference" is what you specialize in. Either Aeronautics (Air Vehicles) or Astronautics (Space Vehicles).
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    Programs Note-taking in undergrad degrees

    I have to agree that I rarely use my notes after the lecture ends. They are beneficial though because as I write things down I remember them better, even without looking back on them later. In fact, I've tried to look over my notes at the end of the day to recap the lecture and I find it boring...
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    Interested in Engineering

    I would say that a state school would be just fine but in the end the choice is yours. If you can get some sort of veteran scholarship I would say take advantage of that. When picking a school make sure the program you wish to enroll in is accredited. Here is the link:
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    Interested in Engineering

    First off, it sounds as if you are unsure of what engineering discipline you are interested in pursuing. If that is the case i recommend the following link to get a broad overview of many engineering disciplines. Keep in mind these descriptions are very broad and i recommend doing further...
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    Possible Undergrad Research

    He did mention that he had no open positions right now but he does have some seniors who do research that are graduating this semester. I'm hoping that he wanted the resume to keep until a position opens up.
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    Possible Undergrad Research

    Hey everyone, I recently met with a professor who is prominent in research at my university to discuss undergraduate research opportunites. I expressed my interest in conducting research and after talking for a while he told me to bring him a resume. Would you say that shows an interest in...
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    Biomedical engineering

    [PLAIN][/URL] has some valuable info on any profession. Heres a link to the engineering section. Scroll down and find Biomedical.
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    If your AP class sucks

    How much time do you spend studying per day?
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    What can I expect in Calc

    Im also a freshman in college. I remember hearing the same horror stories about how hard Calculus is and, I must admit, it got me worried. Now I'm halfway through the semester and I feel Calculus is not as challenging as I was lead to believe. That is not to say that I am breezing through it...
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    Want to become strong in math

    I would recommend the complete idiots guide to calculus. Not only does it cover most topics in Calculus 1 and 2, but the first 2 chapters are devoted to Algebra and trigonometry. It may be the refresher you're looking for.