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In thermodynamics, an adiabatic process (from the Greek adiábatos, meaning “impassable”) is a type of thermodynamic process which occurs without transferring heat or mass between the system and its surroundings. Unlike an isothermal process, an adiabatic process transfers energy to the surroundings only as work. It also conceptually supports the theory used to explain the first law of thermodynamics and is therefore a key thermodynamic concept.
Some chemical and physical processes occur too rapidly for energy to enter or leave the system as heat, allowing a convenient "adiabatic approximation". For example, the adiabatic flame temperature uses this approximation to calculate the upper limit of flame temperature by assuming combustion loses no heat to its surroundings.
In meteorology and oceanography, adiabatic cooling produces condensation of moisture or salinity, oversaturating the parcel. Therefore, the excess must be removed. There, the process becomes a pseudo-adiabatic process whereby the liquid water or salt that condenses is assumed to be removed upon formation by idealized instantaneous precipitation. The pseudoadiabatic process is only defined for expansion because a compressed parcel becomes warmer and remains undersaturated.

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  1. DarkSkinDude

    Combustion of an explosive liquid bubble

    Problem Statement: An explosive liquid at temperature 300 K contains a spherical bubble of radius 5 mm, full of its vapour. When a mechanical shock to the liquid causes adiabatic compression of the bubble, what radius of the bubble is required for combustion of the vapour, given that the vapour...
  2. shihab-kol

    Work done in adiabatic process vs work done in isothermal

    Homework Statement [/B] An ideal gas is compressed to the same volume from the same initial state for both an adiabatic and an isothermal process. In which case will more work be done ? 2. Homework Equations ##dU=dQ - dW ## ##W=\int P\,dV ##(For isothermal) ##W=nc_vdT##...
  3. runningman19

    Adiabatic Compressor: Ideal Gas Temperature Change

    Homework Statement A mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is being fed to a compressor at 2.0 bar and 25 C. The overall flow rate is 17.47 SCMS and its composition is 73.5 mol% H2, 13.7 mol% CO and the balance CO2 The compressor operates adiabatically and reversibly with a...
  4. A

    Adiabatic compressed air and energy calculations

    Homework Statement . Consider a pump that is required to compress air in a factory. The cylinder in the pump has an inner diameter of 2.00 cm and length 60.0 cm. Air is drawn into the pump at atmospheric pressure and 18 degrees celcius and the pump adiabatically compresses the air to a pressure...
  5. D

    Temperature in the regulator valve of a cylinder

    Homework Statement There is a cylinder of oxygen connected to a valve (A) and then to connected to a regulatory valve. The volume of both valves and the pipes between them is Vr and can be disconsidered in regard to the cylinder's volume. The oxygen can be considered a perfect gas with...
  6. W

    Finding work of adiabatic compressor using ideal gas

    Homework Statement Methane at ## P_1 ## and ## T_1 ## is compressed to a pressure of ## P_2 ## adiabatically at steady-state. Calculate the work done on the compressor and the temperature ## T_2 ## of the discharge gas. Use ideal gas model. Given: ## T_1, P_1, P_2, C_p, \gamma = 1.4 ## ##...
  7. Rx7man

    Centrifugal compressors, adiabatic compression

    Homework Statement I am working on creating a spreadsheet where you can input the parameters of an engine at a given rotational speed such as volumetric efficiency, boost pressure, atmospheric pressure and temperature, and compressor efficiency... It's been a very long time since I've done...