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  1. R

    How many different license plates can fit this description? A_ _ and three digits which contains 1 and 2

    I have a question and searched about at google and found an answer which I don't make sure. If there is 26 letters and 10 digits; my answer is: first letter: 1 way(which is A) second letter: 26 way third letter: 26 way first digit: 1 way(which is 1) second digit 1 way(which is 2) third digit: 10...
  2. Math_QED

    Combinatorics: tennis game with 8 people

    Homework Statement 8 friends are playing a tennis game together. How many different doubles games of tennis can they play? Homework Equations Combinations The Attempt at a Solution Well, I solved this problem by saying: we choose a group 4 people from 8 to play, so order is not important...
  3. Math_QED

    Need help with counting problems

    Homework Statement Counting problems are a very tough subject to me, so if someone could give me tips, examples explaining what's really happening, that would be great. Homework Equations I know what permutations, variations, combinations, ... are. The problems involving only one of those...