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Oppenheimer's QM lecture notes

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    I was wondering whether Oppenheimer's legendary QM lecture notes still exist and can be found somewhere.

    I only found the content of theses lectures at

    I assume Bohm's book ``Quantum Theory" from 1951 must contain some of the material as he was one of his students.
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    Great - Thanks!
    It is a pity that they are not published.
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    Are You still looking for these notes? I think I have them. They are from my father, whose Uncle was a close friend and associate of Prof. Oppenheimer. I will not reveal anymore information than that at this time But if there is a glimmer of interest may be willing to provide more details on the ephemera and books I inherited from my Father who was also a physicist. All I will say is that my father graduated from Iowa State University with is where his uncle was when he died.
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    I'd gladly pay for reproduction and mailing costs to get a copy of those notes. I suspect that Schiff's book is a close copy, but I would like to make the comparison.
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    Who wouldn't be interested? :approve:
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    although new to the forums.. l would love to have a copy, though l reside in Australia, Those lecture notes are the first introduction to QM.... and everything since has been from those.
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    I can hardly believe this. There are very early excellent books on QT, among them Sommerfeld's famous "Wellenmechanischer Ergänzungsband" (1929) and Dirac's "The Principles of Quantum mechanics" (1930). Are there lecture notes by Oppenheimer earlier than this?
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