What is Motor control: Definition and 42 Discussions

Motor control is the regulation of movement in organisms that possess a nervous system. Motor control includes reflexes as well as directed movement.
To control movement, the nervous system must integrate multimodal sensory information (both from the external world as well as proprioception) and elicit the necessary signals to recruit muscles to carry out a goal. This pathway spans many disciplines, including multisensory integration, signal processing, coordination, biomechanics, and cognition, and the computational challenges are often discussed under the term sensorimotor control. Successful motor control is crucial to interacting with the world to carry out goals as well as for posture, balance, and stability.
Some researchers (mostly neuroscientists studying movement, such as Daniel Wolpert and Randy Flanagan) argue that motor control is the reason brains exist at all.

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  1. C

    Auto/Motor Build a Motor DIY - No Machine Shop Needed

    Hello everyone, I wanted to build an electric motor, and I have done quite a bit of research on it. However, all the links that I get are for “simple motors”, which are essentially just a D battery, a kitchen magnet, and coil of copper wire. I have tried these already, but I wanted to build a...
  2. N

    Calculating Motor Load Capacity for a 4kg Vehicle

    TL;DR Summary: I need help with calculating how much a motor will be able to pull. Hi all, I am currently in my first year of engineering and we have a project which requires us to use motors to drive a 4kg max vehicle. I was planning on using the very common yellow DC motors which have...
  3. T

    Increasing motor efficiency to reduce energy consumption?

    I was looking into companies or startups that were doing things with motors to improve efficiency. I stumbled upon Turntide Technologies, which has a partnership with Amazon. Turntide is making a software-driven motor that "enables precise and reliable control to effectively use every watt of...
  4. S

    Problem with PMSM motor model in Simulink

    Good afternoon, I have developed a Vector Control for a PMSM motor in Simulink using Simscape Electrical but my motor is not spinning. I have tried applying various speed values but nothing happens. I am applying a step signal from 0 to 300 but the motor speed still doesn't move. My error...
  5. D

    Space vector modulation, motor control, implementation question

    Hello, I am after some help to try and understand SVM implementation is a micro that controls a motor. As I understand it one of the advantages of using space vector modulation over sinusoidal PWM modulation in motor control is that it can control the phase voltages such that the line-to-line...
  6. H

    Motor Control Test: Check Setup AC Drive & Motor

    Hello So i was curious to know, what kind of tests you guys would run on a setup, for an AC drive and motor, to see if the controlling works properly? kind regards
  7. J

    Help Walk Me Thru Motor Sizing Calculations Please

    Summary: Hello; i am trying to work my way thru some motor sizing calculations on a semi-simple example so that i can more easily do it in the future. Could i get some guidance? Hello: I am trying to develop a good system for sizing motors (generally steppers). In the past i just guesstimated...
  8. adamaero

    Compiles, and motor driver shields work individually--but not together

    I don't have a debugger yet, but my company is getting one... In the mean time, I've been un/commenting out parts of Mbed's code. Their Hello World program is available from this website, and it can be used directly in their online IDE by clicking "Import Program"...
  9. I

    Star-delta overload protection

    Hello everyone, here I have one problem, which I can not understand, can you please help me? In attachment you will find a basic star-delta diagram, with unreal calculation (Z is not real value, it's just for calculation and understanding the princip of star-delta). According to these current...
  10. S

    Auto/Motor Need help choosing the necessary motor for my first ever DIY project

    Hello, I have decided that no matter how many times I ask, people will always leave my bedroom door open. Therefore, I have decided to try my hand at a DYI project to create an automatic door closer. I'm aware these already exist but I'm also doing this because I've always been interested in...
  11. K

    Help with reducing AC Mains voltage sag at large chiller motor startup

    A 4160v chiller motor is drawing too much power at start-up. Utility company only let's them run it once or twice a year because of it. It dims all the lights etc.. It was originally a primary reactor starter (2 contactors). The PR was replaced with an auto-xfmr and wired the same. So now it’s a...
  12. rkatcosmos

    What is the rotational velocity of hard disk actuator arm?

    0 down vote favorite There is a lot of material discussing the rotational speed of the magnetic disk in HDD but not about the rotational speed of actuator arm. What are the typical actuation speeds of the actuator in HDD? This information will be used in the design of a fast shutter system...
  13. marcophys

    DC12V 12A car window motor - what spec for a 220V PSU?

    I have a combined motor and screw drive (to 90 deg). It's original purpose was to convert car windows to electric drive... my guess is that it is at least 25 years old, and made in Japan. For scale... the width of the motor casing is 50mm (as you look at it) I'm making a motorised turntable...
  14. G

    What types of motors does Nidec America manufacture?

    I am the manager of Advanced Product Development for Nidec America. We manufacure high efficiency motors for many applications ranging in size from a few millimeters to to a few meters in diameter. Primarily our motors are PM BLDC type. My school is Syracuse (Go Orange People!), I am in my sixties.
  15. B

    Induction motor control by DTC method

    I´m simulating an induction motor control using DTC (direct torque control). I want to tune my PI controller to achieve a fast start up, but I don't have a transfer function to make an analysis. How can I set this controller?
  16. I

    Can I Control a 2-Way Motor and Change Direction without an Arduino?

    how can I control 2-way motor, to be specific I want to change direction after few rpm, is it possible to do it without arduino
  17. B

    Mathematical modeling of the deflection of a rod

    A rod is radially mounted on a motor shaft and provided with a flat end plate. By turning movement, the end plate will touch a pointed object, and the angle turned is measured.By the torque of the motor during acceleration and deceleration, a vibration and deflection happens on the rod. The...
  18. N

    Using a motor or alternator to generate electricity

    I'm looking into building a 7 1/4 gauge Diesel Electric Locomotive I will be using 4x 1hp (or 1 1/3hp) 24vDC permanent magnet motors for the traction motors. What I am looking for is someway of generating 24vDC with a 100-150A max output. (Im using a 3cyl 16hp Diesel engine to drive a...
  19. M

    Help with pump motor control circuit from ArduPilot Mega 2.5

    Hi. I'm currently trying to build a circuit in order to control a small pump motor from an ardupilot mega 2.5 microcontroller. The pump is rated at 12 v and 3.6 w but I only need to give it about 9 v for operation. I'm using a basic supply of 9 v battery or 2 in series to give the power...
  20. V

    Help building a Torque limiting motor control for guillotine

    Hi I have an old electric paper guillotine. Guillotine have two esential functions apart from those associated with positioning the paper ready to cut. 1. Using power (usually electric motor) to operate the blade which cuts the paper stack. 2. Using power (an electric motor or manual turning of...
  21. N

    Motion sensor and motor control device help

    Hi, I am currently designing a stabilisation device for use in water. The general idea is using an inertial motion sensor to detect the orientation and propellors to correct it. I have very little knowledge in this area and was wondering whether I can use a phidget to achieve a wireless feedback...
  22. Femme_physics

    How can a single electrical motor control a robot? or even a mechanical arm?

    So an electrical motor converts electrical energy to mechanical one. But an electric motor can just produce a single motion in of itself. How come connecting a mechanical arm to it allows a diversity of movements like rotation, verticial and horizontal motions to both directions!?
  23. A

    Magnetic Shielding for Motor Control Center

    Hey guys and gals, I'm not an electrical-anything so please forgive my lay-person speak. I work in a lab. One of our rooms has a high magnetic field. It is causing interference with some analytical and computer equipment. Of course there is some health concern as well... Half of this...
  24. A

    Best Mosfet for PIC PWM Motor Control?

    Hi guys, I need to use the PWM output of a PIC microcontroller to switch a mosfet to drive a 9v brushed DC motor @ 115 mA. From what I've gathered, the mosfet should be logic level (fully on @ 3.33v since my Pic uses a 3.33v source). It needs to be able to handle...
  25. C

    DC Motor Control for Portable Telescope Mounts: Maintaining Constant Speed

    I am in the early stages of the design of a telescope mount and I need a control motor. I am hoping to run it on a battery so I think a DC motor is the way to go, but I need to be able to keep the rotation speed extremely constant for photographic purposes. So, to my question: Does anyone...
  26. S

    Engineering Motor control design for air flow valve

    Homework Statement build a circuit that open and closes the valve using, electronic components Homework Equations none known yet The Attempt at a Solution this is my first try
  27. R

    Motor Control Circuit: Minimizing Power Draw

    Hi I'm new to this forum and currently a first year engineering student. I'm trying to build a motor control circuit so I can minimize the power draw. And I feel I need a bit of direction. I started with a 6v battery source a 6v motor...
  28. B

    Creating a 555 Timer Circuit for Motor Control

    Basically what I'm trying to do is have two LDRs connected to a differential op-amp. The configuration has it high when LDR1 is low and LDR 2 is high with the rest of the combinations outputting low. Theres two op amps connected so that there are two distinct output channels so i have two high...
  29. H

    HelloAm making a project on motor control of PMSM, while am

    Hello.. Am making a project on motor control of PMSM, while am reading some articles they mention that it decrease EMI...my question concern the EMI itself, are they so harm?, and what is are the effects of them on human being?
  30. A

    Motor Control H-Bridge: PWM Input to Get Red Output Signal

    I am building a H-bridge to control motor in forward mode and reverse mode , in the attachment i draw the schematic of the circuit , my problem is that the output signal looks like in the picture DSC07167 black signal and i need it like the red signal. How should the input signal of 2 PWM to...
  31. MacLaddy

    Thermistor on Motor Control Board

    I work for a company which performs repairs on exercise equipment. One of my biggest problems is a constant failure of a Thermistor resistor on a certain brand treadmills motor control board. I am guessing poor design, but I am hoping somebody can clear up exactly what a thermistor resistor is...
  32. J

    Small dc motor control circuit help regd please.

    Hi, I am a 24/7 carer for my wife who has Huntingtons disease. This has caused her to loose the ability to hold a cup. I want to devise a swinging arm with a cup attatched to one end. It will be operated electricaly with a small LEGO motor that has been geared to give plenty of torque...
  33. T

    Engineering ELEG - DC Motor Control Systems Problem

    ELEG -- DC Motor Control Systems Problem Homework Statement The voltage equation of a dc motor is written: ea(t)= Ra*ia(t) + La*[dia(t)/dt] + Kb*wm(t) where ea(t) is the applied voltage; ia(t) is the armature current; Ra is the armature resistance; La is the armature inductance; Kb is...
  34. R

    DC Motor control system question- random reversals

    Hello I have a project in the works that requires a DC motor to turn a somewhat heavy (but with good bearings) gear assembly. The whole thing will be running off of a common computer power supply at 12V. I haven't selected the motor just yet but am leaning toward maybe an old cordless power...
  35. P

    Stepper Motor Control: Replicating Rotation at Point A at Point B

    To the viewer of this post, I wish to create a device which can replicate a rotation at point A at point B. What I was thinking was using a stepper motor to replicate the rotation at point B through the use of a controller and have some sort of mechanical-to-digital device which could incode...
  36. M

    Stepper Motor Control Question

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi All I am using a ULN2064B to control 2 stepper motors, and the input to the IC is directly from an I/O port on an 8051 microcontroller. The stepper motors are 24V, and "apparently" need 800mA each to...
  37. cepheid

    PWM Duty Cycle: Motor Speed Control Explained

    I recently encountered (not for the first time) a situation in which a PWM output from a microcontroller is sent to a MOSFET bridge that drives a motor (a very high current, inductive load). I started to wonder exactly WHY it is that the duty cycle of the PWM controls the motor speed. I know...
  38. R

    DC motor control progressive start and stop

    hey Everybody!... I`m stck with the Control of a DC Motor...I need To Control a DC motor in this way, it Must Start real slowly, and then progressively but slowly should continue to reach its maximun velocity, it could take up to 1 min to reach it; then remain for a set time stable at its final...
  39. H

    How can we improve motor control for our robotic television camera positioners?

    We are many years out of school. We are building robotic positioners for television cameras. Our experience in the mechanical design is extensive. We are seeking direction in motor control. The motors which we would like to try are flat pack brushless dc motors with 5 wire on board control. The...
  40. B

    Understanding BLDC Motor Control: Position, Speed, and Current

    Hi guys, I'm developing a BLDC motor controller with load. I've bought a Maxon E40 motor . But some things i can't figure out: I want to control position, speed and current (torque). I use PID controller to do it. In the closed loop system the output of the speed controller should be input...
  41. F

    Unipolar stepper motor control

    Hey all I am trying to sort through data for controlling a unipolar stepper motor with a microcontroller. I have done this before but the hardware was already in place on a development board. What I need is a way to drive a 12V Unipolar stepper with a microcontroller. I have found a number...
  42. E

    MATLAB Designing a Transfer Function in MATLAB for Servo Motor Control

    This post is cross listed at the below url https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=73985 I'm attempting to use MATLAB to solve an electrical engineering problem dealing with controls... I'm trying to design a transfer function which will control a servo motor using what is often...