What is Resonance frequency: Definition and 47 Discussions

Resonance describes the phenomenon of increased amplitude that occurs when the frequency of a periodically applied force (or a Fourier component of it) is equal or close to a natural frequency of the system on which it acts. When an oscillating force is applied at a resonant frequency of a dynamic system, the system will oscillate at a higher amplitude than when the same force is applied at other, non-resonant frequencies.Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are also known as resonant frequencies or resonance frequencies of the system. Small periodic forces that are near a resonant frequency of the system have the ability to produce large amplitude oscillations in the system due to the storage of vibrational energy.
Resonance phenomena occur with all types of vibrations or waves: there is mechanical resonance, acoustic resonance, electromagnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), electron spin resonance (ESR) and resonance of quantum wave functions. Resonant systems can be used to generate vibrations of a specific frequency (e.g., musical instruments), or pick out specific frequencies from a complex vibration containing many frequencies (e.g., filters).
The term resonance (from Latin resonantia, 'echo', from resonare, 'resound') originated from the field of acoustics, particularly the sympathetic resonance observed in musical instruments, e.g., when one string starts to vibrate and produce sound after a different one is struck.

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  1. S

    Induction heater with high Q factor

    Consider Parallel LC Resonance Induction heater. The material to be heated is from copper (it has relative magnetic permeability 1 and does not change with different temperatures) and is placed inside Inductor coil and there is Air gap between the coil perimeter and the material. Like this...
  2. ubergewehr273

    Measuring the inductance of a micron feature size gold coil

    Hi all, I recently fabricated a bunch of gold coils patterned onto a glass substrate and am in need of measuring the inductance of these samples. Since the feature size is in microns, I can't exactly use an RLC meter. At the moment, I'm trying to build an LCR series circuit with a PCB and...
  3. Aethermimicus

    I What is the function of the air cavity inside drums?

    I'm trying to understand the function of the air cavity inside drums. I've read that 'The air cavity inside the drum will have a set of resonance frequencies determined by its shape and size. This will emphasize some frequencies at the expense of others.' Then what are the resonance...
  4. A

    Inductor Efficiency via LC Oscillator

    I want to create an LC circuit with varying inductors and compare those inductors for efficiency. Would it be accurate to suggest measuring the area under the curve of the first cycle of the resonant frequency would determine which of the inductors are most efficient? If the area is greater...
  5. Mohamed_Wael

    Air Resonance Frequency: Effects of Excitation

    I wonder of the air has resonance frequency or not, if yes what would happen if we excite it at this frequency
  6. B

    Wine Glass Resonance Frequency

    Homework Statement Question 1: When analysing AP French's Formula for Frequency of Wine glasses, what is the direct relationship between the Frequency heard (at different levels - fd) and the level of water from the top of the glass (d). I know that as the level of water from the glass...
  7. Z

    Resonance frequency of a wine glass experiment

    Homework Statement My group and i need to do an experiment for school. We decided to investigate the effect of water level in a vine glass (or volume) on the resonance frequency. Basically does the resonance frequency change when you change add water to the glass. I would just like some help...
  8. B

    Resonance frequency increasing with mass?

    For a spring and mass system, I've learned the resonance frequency of a system increases with decrease in mass. Not sure if this case is also related but when I attach a coin sized metal onto a piezoelectric material of a smaller size, the resonance frequency range actually goes up (from...
  9. S

    Resonance Frequency Homework: Find Frequency w/Given Spring & Mass

    Homework Statement A certain spring elongates 9:0mm when it is suspended vertically and a block of mass M is hung on it. If driven by a force of variable frequency, at what frequency would resonance be obtained?a. is 0:088 rad/s b. is 200 rad/s c. is 33 rad/s d. is 1140 rad/s e. cannot be...
  10. C

    Resonance frequency of heating coil

    I am doing R&D and have been hit by a problem. I want to find the resonnce frequency to my heating coil without having to hook it up to the rest of my oven. I fall into the problem because I don't have the stray funds to buy a frequency generator. I heard that with capacitors and an oscilloscope...
  11. gfd43tg

    Engineering Finding values of RLC circuit given resonance frequency

    Homework Statement A series RLC circuit is driven by an ac source with a phasor voltage Vs = 10∠30◦ V. If the circuit resonates at 103 rad/s and the average power absorbed by the resistor at resonance is 2.5 W, determine the values of R, L, and C, given that Q = 5. Homework Equations...
  12. B

    Why is there a higher peak at resonance frequency?

    Hi. When using spectrum analyzer to measure the response of a coil (a RLC circuit), I see that there is a peak at one frequency (resonance frequency). This is logical because we can model a coil as a RLC circuit. If I change the frequency of the sinusoidal source, the peak reduces its value...
  13. E

    Engineering How to calculate the resonance frequency of this circuit?

    Hi, Need help with this circuit. I am task to find out the resonance frequency of this circuit. R=30 ohms L=20mH C1=2uF C2=3uF If it is just R,L and C1 and I easily calculate the resonance frequency by applying the formula f=1/2âˆâˆšLC Now I have another capacitance C2...
  14. C

    How to find Resonance frequency of rectangualr cavity from FDTD data

    Hello, I have written 3D FDTD code with Mur ABC which gives correct results for time domain data. Now I want to compute the resonance frequency of a rectangular cavity using this 3D FDTD code. I don't know how I will do that. Would someone please advise me the steps I need to follow now to...
  15. G

    Finding resonance frequency of non ideal inductor

    Homework Statement We have this circuit: (uin+)---[1/jωC]--[jωL]--[RL]----o------uout+ (resistor of value R connecting the two lines at their o's here) (uin+)-------------------------o------uout- Find an expression for the quotient of u(in)/u(out), and then find the resonance...
  16. F

    Resonance Frequency of Series LCL circuit

    I have a circuit that is two inductors and a capacitor in series, in the order inductor, capacitor, inductor, and I want to know what the resonance frequency of the system is (see image). I've heard before that, given the inductors are not coupled, it is just 1/2π√((L1+L2)*C), however, I am not...
  17. T

    Finding resonance frequency of a hanging mass on a spring

    Why did they calculate angular frequency if the question asked for frequency? Also why is kx=mg? Wouldn't that mean the spring is at equilibrium?
  18. T

    Resonance frequency and Natural frequency?

    Resonance frequency and Natural frequency?? Say there is an empty bottle of coke., and you know for sure that the bottle resonates most at 320hz. when the bottle resonates, the bottle will vibrate. the question is, 1.if the bottle also resoates at 318hz( bu not most), will the bottle...
  19. T

    Engineering RLC circuit and resonance frequency

    Homework Statement Find an equation for the resonance frequency. Then find R L and C given that the resonance freq is 10 Hz. Homework Equations Wrote below The Attempt at a Solution y(jw) = (1 / R + jwl) + jwC is the basic equation.. after simplifying and setting imaginary part to...
  20. F

    Resonance Frequency of Circuit Involving Multiple Inductors

    I have two inductors and a capacitor in series, in the order of inductor, capacitor, inductor. I'm not sure if the equation L1+L2+k*√(L1*L2) will work in this case or not, given the inductors are separated (or offset) electrically from each other by a capacitor. So I guess my question is, can...
  21. R

    Resonance frequency in second-order system

    Suppose we have a second-order system with the following transfer function: G(s)= \frac{1}{s^{2} + 2ζω_{n}s +ω_{n}^{2}} To figure out its resonant frequency, obtain its frequency response function and then maximize it with respect to ω. You get: ω_{peak} = ω_{n}\sqrt{1-2ζ^{2}} So it appears...
  22. S

    Various RLC Circuit Problems (Resonance Frequency, Phase, Current)

    Homework Statement An RLC circuit has L = 20mH, R = 20kΩ, C = 250μF. 1) Calculate the resonance frequency for this circuit. 2) For a frequency ω=400 rad/s, determine the phase angle and the circuit impedance. 3) Using ε = 30[V]sin(ωt), calculate the current in the circuit. This will be a...
  23. S

    Resonance frequency of confocal resonator

    Homework Statement A symmetrical confocal resonator has a length d=30cm, and the medium has refractive index n=1. Determine the frequency spacing \nuF and the displacement frequency (\Delta\varsigma/\pi)\nuF. Determine all the resonance frequencies that lie within the band 5*1014\pm2*109Hz...
  24. J

    What does Resonance Frequency mean?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong subsection, i figured this would be the most appropriate section. *** title has a mistake. i meant resonance WIDTH not its freq.*** anyway, i came across resonance WIDTH (sorry not freq.) in one of my HW problems. I honestly can't recall ever going over this in...
  25. E

    Calculate Resonance Frequency of a Molecule

    Is there any systematic, predictive way to calculate the resonance frequency of a given molecule? Say I'm given a formula and a structure but nothing else. Is there any way to calculate it without just experimenting? I'm not sure if this question is in the right place, and I'm not...
  26. F

    Angular Frequency and Resonance Frequency

    For the equation, angular frequency =(2)(pi)(resonance frequency)= 1/square root (LC), can this also be used when a circuit is not at resonance frequency? Thanks
  27. B

    How Can I Find Resonance Frequency and Create a Schedule for Input Resistance?

    Homework Statement Find resonance frequency and build schedule(google translator) for input resistance(or input conductivity) Homework Equations K1xL1/L0=70 K1xL2/L0=60 K1xL3/L0=76 K2xC1/C0=80 K3xC2/C0=50 K3xC3/C0=60 The Attempt at a Solution C0=1mkF L0=1millihenry What do...
  28. S

    Resonance frequency of cantilever beam

    Homework Statement Sorry for wasting your time and bandwidth, but I can't figure this out. I just have a cantilever beam with the following specifications: length : 40 in. width: 2 in. height: 2 in. E = 30e6 psi. mbar = .8991 lbm/in. And I'm trying to find the beam's resonance...
  29. F

    Resonance Frequency Of A proton

    Good Afternoon, I need help on the folloewing question: The Earth's magnetic field is relatively homogenous over large areas. therefore how do we calculate the resonance frequency of a proton? Could someone please direct me to formulas, variables and possible outcomes/solutions to...
  30. M

    Spring, resonance frequency and a bit of fun

    Homework Statement The Hungarian national highway M7 is made of concrete blocks 4m long. The joints have a small gap. Józsi have a mass of 80 kg. He owns a Polski Fiat, which is lowered by 10 cm when he sits in. At what speed would Józsi's car disintegrate? Homework Equations v =...
  31. E

    Designing a Cantilever Beam for Resonance Frequency

    Homework Statement The problem is to design a cantilever beam with a certain resonant frequency. Homework Equations w = sqrt (k/m) The Attempt at a Solution I know k for a beam and m can be written as density * volume. My question deals with the w. If I am given a...
  32. C

    What exactly is a resonance frequency?

    What exactly is a resonance frequency? I just want to understand what it is, I can solve for it but it's no use if I have no idea what it is.
  33. I_am_learning

    Damped Resonance Frequency OF series LCR circuit

    the solution for current I, for series LCR circuit is I = (E/Z)sin(wt+\phi) Where Z = \sqrt{R^2 + (X_{L}-X_{C})^{2}} So for Resonance (i.e. maximum Current Amplitude) of LCR Circuit the necessary condition seems to be X_{L}=X_{C} Which gives \omega=1/\sqrt{LC} But some text-books and wikipaedia...
  34. I

    Resonance frequency of a magnetron cavity

    Is the resonance frequency of a magnetron cavity purely a function of its geometry? Thanks!
  35. M

    How to drive an actuator in its resonance frequency?

    I can give the following description to the problem, but I don't specifically know what should be done to drive an actuator (specially a piezoeelctric one) in its resonance frequency using a feedback. **The sensor consists of a piezoelectric transducer and a vibration pickup. When an...
  36. M

    Piezo-electric actuator’s resonance frequency

    Hi all, Sorry for any mistakes but this is my first time I write a post in English. I would like someone to explain me exactly what is the resonance frequency in a piezo-electric actuator. Also give me any link for more information. Does the frequency of the controller play any role...
  37. N

    Standing waves and resonance frequency

    Homework Statement Hi all. I have shown that standing waves occur on a string of length L (fastened at x=0 and x=L) for angular frequencies: \omega_n=n\frac{v\pi}{L}. Are these frequencies the same as the strings resonance frequencies? Thanks in advance. Regards, Niles.
  38. K

    Conducting a Frequency Sweep for Resonance Frequency Determination

    how does one perform a frequency sweep to obtain resonant frequency? for instance, if the inductance is 50mH and the capacitance is 20nF, how do I achieve a resonant frequency of 200khz? what parameters are involved?
  39. A

    Singing in Helium: How Density Affects Resonance Frequency

    Homework Statement When you sing, the vocal folds in your throat act as a resonating cavity (one open end, one closed end) which allows only certain frequencies. Suppose you try to sing a pure tone which is detected by a microphone and measured to have a frequency 500.0 Hz. This is the...
  40. D

    What Is the Resonance Frequency in a Damped System?

    how can i get the resonance frequency for a damped system? x'' + 2r x' + w. x = F/m coswt r is the damping factor, w. the natural frequency it can be calculated that the amplitude, A=F/m / sqrt( (w.^2-w^2)^2-(2rw)^2) by differentiating wrt w, it is found the maximum amplitude...
  41. J

    What does resonance frequency mean?

    What does resonance frequency mean? If you resonance glass is explodes in a way. Tesla claimed that the whole Earth could resonate electrically at 7Hz, 14Hz, 21Hz. What does that means?
  42. A

    Resonance Frequency Explained: Get the Answers Here

    resonance frequency! what is meant by resonance frequency ? i really can't get it. if anyone could help i will be gratefull.
  43. M

    Resonance frequency of guitar string

    A guitar string resonates at 1260 Hz and 1575 Hz with no resonance frequencies in between. Find its fundamental(the lowest) resonance frequency. I know that fundamental frequency is the number of times it completes in one second, measured in hertz. In this specific problem, should I be...
  44. B

    Resonance frequency in an LCR circuit

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to derive the expression w = sqrt( (1/(LC)) - (R_l^2 / L^2) ) where w is the resonace frequency, L is the inductance of the inductor, R_l is the resistance in the inductor, R is the resistance of the resistor and C is the capacitance of the capacitator...
  45. W

    Understanding Resonance Frequency Decrease in Oscillation Systems

    In an Oscillating system,as damping increases, the amplitude of the system at the resonance frequency decrease and the resonance frequency also decreased. However why does the reasonce freq decrease? I know how to solve for the new amplitude and ang. freq. mathematically but i do not know how to...
  46. S

    Resonance frequency of an object

    hi this is not physics homework I really need to find out the natural frequency of a window size glass so that I can brake it with a couple of speakers. this is not a prank joke either. I need a practical way to find it help please. So far all i know is that the frequency is low by hitting it...
  47. Y

    What is the resonance frequency expression for a parallel RLC circuit?

    What is the resonance frequency expression for a parallel RLC circuit? I know that for a series RLC circuit, it is: w=\frac{1}{\sqrt{LC}} Is it the same for a parallel RLC circuit? I remember reading somewhere that it was not exactly the same, although it approaches the series RLC...