1. H

    A Irreversible processes. Heat equation, diffusion equation

    Both the heat equation and the diffusion equation describe processes which are irreversible, because the equations have an odd time derivative. But how can these equations describe the real world when we know that all processes in nature are reversible, information is always conserved? But these...
  2. A

    I Reversible Measurement

    Reversible computation is a somewhat well-known topic. (Quantum computers, for instance, must use reversible gates). Apparently, though, quantum measurements can be reversible too. This also means you could recover the original state by “unmeasuring” the system. Imagine being able to “see” a...
  3. Alfredo Tifi

    A Reversibility of radioactive decay process?

    I viewed the answers to the non repliable post, but I have doubts. In particular, the last claim by nugatory: "the overall decay of the sample is as irreversible as the transfer of heat from a hotter body to a...
  4. H

    I Reversibility of physical law

    What does it mean for the laws of physics to be reversible in time? Does it mean that for every possible physical process, the same process can happen as it would do if we "played the tape backwards" so to speak? If a particle follows a path due to some physical law, Does it mean that if we were...
  5. Charlie313

    I Decoherence and time reversal asymmetry

    Layman question(s), but I hope not too stoopid -- many thanks to anyone with the patience to read and attempt even part of an answer, or share a possibly relevant link! I've got time today to follow and read links... 1) Saw a recent 'popular' article discussing that darn Cat as if still a...