What is Synchronization: Definition and 78 Discussions

Synchronization is the coordination of events to operate a system in unison. For example, the conductor of an orchestra keeps the orchestra synchronized or in time. Systems that operate with all parts in synchrony are said to be synchronous or in sync—and those that are not are asynchronous.
Today, time synchronization can occur between systems around the world through satellite navigation signals.

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  1. P

    I Clock Synchronisation -- Do clock speeds go out of synch?

    When reading about the one way speed of light, I think it's fair to say that most potential methods to obtain this fail because it is said to be impossible to have two non co-located clocks in synch. My question is really about terminology. Normally, two things can be said to be in synch if...
  2. K

    How to synchronize the RF source having delay over time?

    I want to synchronize the RF power supply (having jitter or delay over temp/time) to RF reference frequency with a digital delay generator, and I thought of two ways. 1) phase locked loop: it is commonly used for synchronizing the high-frequency signal, but as I know it is proper for a periodic...
  3. H

    Art What makes Japan's synchronized dance culture so astonishing?

    It seems that everyone can move in sync in Japan, even little kids. I've wondered, what would happen if they practiced really hard and took it to the max? Now we know. Listen to that crowd roar. Wow. And these are amateurs. That's just the way it is over there. They do everything this way.
  4. shivajikobardan

    Studying How do I overcome learning plateau?

    I'm facing learning plateau currently in computer science learning. I know an only way to get out of this. It is finding a great teacher who teaches not considering any preriquisites. I'm studying synchronization at this moment as I find it interesting. But I'm unable to devise a general...
  5. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci How is "bounded waiting" achieved in here?

    I understand how mutual exclusion is achieved here. But not sure how bounded waiting is achieved here. P_i: do { while(turn!=i); critical section turn=j; remainder section while(1); } This question has also been answered here but not properly imo. So, I'm asking this again here...
  6. A

    B The synchronization of clocks and the relativity of motion

    In his thought experiment on the relativity of simultaneity, Einstein synchronizes two clocks A and B (at either end of a rod) to the clock C in a stationary frame, while A and B (the rod) is moving relative to C. The equations Einstein finishes with demonstrate how observers moving with A and...
  7. cianfa72

    I GPS clock synchronization in ECI frame

    Hi, starting from this old thread GPS clock synchronization I've a doubt about the physical process employed to synchronize clocks bolted on GPS system satellites. We said that clock synchronization is frame dependent. In other words we must select a coordinate chart (aka reference frame) that...
  8. cianfa72

    I Clock synchronization for ring-riding observers on rotating disk

    Hello, reading the wiki entry for Langevin observers on rotating disk - Born_coordinates I'm struggling with the following quoted sentence: But as we see from Fig. 1, ideal clocks carried by these ring-riding observers cannot be synchronized. I do not grasp why, starting from the figure...
  9. cianfa72

    I Does Lorentz invariance imply Einstein's synchronization convention?

    Hi, I've read a number of posts here on PF about Einstein's clock synchronization convention. In the context of SR we know the transformation law between inertial frame's coordinates is actually the Lorentz one. The invariant speed for Lorentz transformation is c (actually it coincides with...
  10. B

    B Synchronization free of Contradiction: 1905 Paper

    1905 paper, looks to me like: Postulates: - principle of relativity - definite velocity of c Definition of inertial frame coordinate system - using rigid rods to identify position of A at rest WRT to the IFR coordinates Seems clear that rigid rods may be used to identify the place of other...
  11. PainterGuy

    B Einstein-Poincare Clock Synchronization Convention

    Hi, There are three clocks - Clock A, Clock B, and Clock C. The distance, D, between each clock is 6 light-second. The clocks are situated in a frame of reference which is moving toward the right at speed of 0.5c where 'c' is taken to be 300000000 m/s. Please look here...
  12. Demystifier

    A Synchronization from dissipation?

    The video shows an interesting effect of synchronization of oscillators. The most confusing property of this phenomenon is that it is not time-inversion invariant; if the oscillators started in the synchronized state of motion, they would not end up in the unsynchronized state. This means that...
  13. Danny Boy

    A Query about an article on quantum synchronization

    I am currently studying this paper on quantum synchronization. The first page gives an introduction to synchronization and the basic setup of the ensembles in the cavity. My query is on the second page where the following statements are made. Can anyone see why the implication is that all...
  14. Danny Boy

    Approximate solutions to Kuramoto synchronization model

    According to the wiki entry 'Kuramoto Model', if we consider the ##N=2## case then the governing equations are $$\frac{d \theta_1}{dt} = \omega_i + \frac{K}{2}\sin(\theta_2 - \theta_1)~~~\text{and}~~~\frac{d \theta_2}{dt} = \omega_i + \frac{K}{2}\sin(\theta_1 - \theta_2),$$ where ##\theta_i##...
  15. Danny Boy

    Quantum synchronization in a cavity

    I am currently studying quantum synchronization. I am reviewing a https://www.researchgate.net/publication/251232415_Quantum_Synchronization_of_Two_Ensembles_of_Atoms which describes quantum synchronization of two ensembles in a cavity. As such, I have a query regarding a cavity physics related...
  16. Danny Boy

    A Concepts in a quantum synchronization setup

    In a https://jila.colorado.edu/thompson/sites/default/files/pdf/PhysRevLett.113.154101_0.pdf on quantum synchronization, they introduce the setup given in the attached 'Fig1.png'. I would like confirm a few concepts regarding this setup. The setup is described in the following way: The general...
  17. Jonathan Stanley

    B Einstein's definition of synchronization

    At the time ##t _0##, a ray of light goes out ##A##, reflected at ##B## at time ## t_1##, and arrives back at ##A## at time ##t_2##. So Einstein provides: ##t_2-t_0 = (t_1-t_0) + (t_2 - t_1) = \frac{l _{rod}}{c - v _{rod} } + \frac{l _{rod}}{c + v _{rod} }## Where: Rod with ends A and B ##v...
  18. Danny Boy

    A Quantum synchronization description used in a paper

    In the paper "Steady-state spin synchronization through the collective motion of trapped ions" it states the following: "Steady-state synchronization of atomic dipoles forms the foundation for ultra-stable optical lasers utilizing narrow-linewidth atoms coupled to a lossy cavity mode. The...
  19. Borek

    Switching clock synchronization off under Debian

    I am working on a project* in which I need to fake a pendrive so that it looks like if it was used for several years. That means copying files, making directories, removing them and so on. It needs to be done in such a way that all dates looks OK, which makes it less trivial than it sounds...
  20. Danny Boy

    A What is quantum synchronization?

    Can someone provide a clear basic description or reference to how the phenomena of synchronization manifests at the quantum scale? Thanks.
  21. N

    I Satellite Orbit synchronization

    Consider a large non-rotating sphere, and one series of satellites, series A, in free fall orbit at the same velocity and altitude slightly above its "equator" going from east to west. Forming a ring in which all the satellites are equal distance apart, and another series of satellites, series...
  22. Bayoudh101

    I MRI synchronization with the IRF90

    Hello , In MRI physics , I don't seem to be able to wrap my head around the synchronization in the precession of the protons after an RF90 impulse (which is an electromagnetic impulse that would deviate the precessing magnetic field axe by 90 degrees) the synchronization would give the vector...
  23. C

    I Relative Speed Impact on Synchronization: Clock Comparison

    If two clocks start from the same point, and one travels double the speed of another, will they be showing the same time when they get together at the destination point. Obviously, faster clock will arrive first, and will have to wait for the slower one to arrive.
  24. Const@ntine

    Standing Waves: Synchronization between a Tube & a Stick

    Homework Statement A wooden stick, part of a musical instrument, which produces a musical sound when hit, oscillates by creating a transverse standing wave, with three antinodes and two nodes (3 "valleys", 2 "ground levels"). The lowest note has a frequency of f = 87.0 Hz, and is produced by...
  25. Arkalius

    I Question about GPS clock synchronization

    I'm familiar with the combined effects of special and general relativity making clocks on GPS satellites tick faster than those on Earth by about 38 microseconds per day. The clocks on the satellites are adjusted to stay in sync with Earth clocks, and all is fine an dandy in that regard...
  26. Dimani4

    I Clock Synchronization: Jack & Jill's View

    Hi, Here me again. I have a question about clock synchronization. Suppose we have train with Jill with two clocks and Jack on the ground. As seen from the ground by Jack, the two clocks on the train (which is moving at v in the x-direction) are running slowly, registering only seconds for each...
  27. B

    Synchronous Sources and Interference

    Hi, What is the scientific definition of "synchronous sources" when we talk about the conditions of interference? Thank you.
  28. cnh1995

    Synchronization of an alternator to the grid

    When an alternator is synchronized to the grid, its voltage and frequency are same as those of the grid. So, it shouldn't take any load at that instant. How is it brought into operation then? What is the procedure followed practically? My book says prime mover is given some extra energy so the...
  29. Svein

    Insights Time Synchronization Across Switched Ethernet - Comments

    Svein submitted a new PF Insights post Time Synchronization Across Switched Ethernet Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  30. Mentz114

    Can synchronization emulate non-locality ?

    I remember reading some time ago of a hypothesis ( I can't find it now) that quantum superpositions could be modeled by oscillating states. So some two valued attribute could be (say) 0 for half the time and 1 for other half ( the value flip-flops). Individual measurements at random (ish)...
  31. Y

    What is this program -- disable amt profile synchronization pop-up

    I just recovered my laptop, this comes with the recovery. What is "disable amt profile synchronization pop-up for windows xp/vista/7/8" for? Can I uninstall it? Thanks
  32. S

    The Mysterious Synchronization of Clocks in Special Relativity

    Let's say we have a clock that work like this , districts beam of lights are sent in constant time gaps (created by a crystal or some other radioactive process) to a sensor. the sensor is connected to a counter that counts the number of beams, and here we have our clock. Now if we put 2 clocks...
  33. afcsimoes

    Huygens synchronization of two clocks

    This is the title of a new paper published by two Portuguese scientists (see http://www.nature.com/srep/2015/150723/srep11548/full/srep11548.html or http://www.nature.com/srep/2015/150723/srep11548/pdf/srep11548.pdf). They developed a math model of the synchronization of the two clocks and the...
  34. R

    Trying to clear up some confusion (clock synchronization)

    I was trying to understand a few of the relativity basics that seem to have me confused. Below is a thought experiment and some questions, I would really appreciate any help to improve my understanding. Thanks Imagine a large, circular, tube like space station. Free to spin around the inside...
  35. Stephanus

    Clock synchronization: Time Dilation & Reference on PF Forum

    Talking about relativity, time dilation and clock synchronization. What time of reference does PF Forum use? If you see a thread being answered at: "Today 10:00 am" Is it 10:00 am on PF server or 10:00 am on your computer?
  36. F

    Clock synchronization and relativity of simultaneity

    I addressed already recently in this thread the issue of defining the synchronicity of clocks moving relatively to each other (considering that the synchronization by Einstein's method implies clocks at rest), but it occurred to me now that even for clocks at rest relatively to each other there...
  37. F

    Speed of light postulate and clock synchronization

    At the beginning of his 1905 paper 'On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies' Einstein defined the synchronization between two clocks using light signals, and on this basis formulates the following theorems 1. If the clock at B synchronizes with the clock at A, the clock at A synchronizes with...
  38. A

    What is external synchronization frequency?

    What does it mean? "External synchronization frequency: 350-450kHz" http://ohmps.com/product/4/
  39. R

    Verification of c isotropy vs c in Einstein synchronization

    I'm confused by something I read, that said: Ref: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1988AmJPh..56..811B What does that last statement (underlined by me) mean, "any anisotropy in the speed of light is contrived and not physically significant". Why is it not physically significant? I thought...
  40. A

    Clock synchronization process

    This is basically a follow-up to some questions from a previous thread regarding Einstein synchronization and other methods. I don't understand the alternative methods when the synchronization parameter isn't 1/2 and its connection to the speed of light. Basically it means that the light is...
  41. ShayanJ

    SR and synchronization of clocks

    Einstein's article "on the electrodynamics of moving bodies", starts with talking about synchronizing clocks at different places and it is through this that Einstein explains concepts like time dilation and length contraction but in the present books about SR you hardly find things about...
  42. I

    Synchronization of a camera with a rotating shaft

    I wish to synchronize a thermal camera FLIR A300/600 with a test section on a rotating shaft such that whenever the section becomes orthogonal to the line of sight of the camera, an image is clicked by it automatically. The camera uses a TTL pulse input. Being a mechanical engineer, I have...
  43. C

    Synchronization of time impossible?

    Sorry, strange question, but let's do a thought experiment: if a train was moving at near light speed and hit a slow moving object on the tracks, would the two timelines synchronize? since the train is moving at near light speed, according to relativity, time on the train would slow down...
  44. A

    Synchronization of Charge Movement

    I understand the the motion of charges in a particular direction constitutes a current, and from my understanding, the more charges you have flowing in the same direction, the stronger the current. Are there significantly different properties that arise with strong current? After watching this...
  45. A

    Inter Logic Block Synchronization

    Hello, I'm trying to design a simple digital circuit for learning purpose, and maybe later a bigger project. The idea is to interface a microprocessor, probably a pure combinational logic block to do simple stuff, with a memory chip. Now what I need is a way to make sure that when I send an...
  46. S

    Does metronome synchronization have anything/nothing to do with QM/QE?

    I came across the below video - 32 out of sync metronomes end up synchronizing I think that - metronome synchronization has nothing to do with Quantum Entanglement. It's just the table/base/foam that causes the eventual synchronization. Am I correct? Please see the video below
  47. B

    Quasar Mass-Luminosity, High Mass Turnoff Evolution and a Synchronization Puzzle

    Quasar Mass-Luminosity High Mass Turnoff Evolution and a Synchronization Puzzle It is unusual that a generation of researchers has the opportunity to completely rewrite, to replace major established scientific theories. The observation that quasars are turning on and off, at a specific mass...
  48. B

    What is the importance of synchronized waves in interference?

    It is mentioned that the conditions of interference is that the waves should be coherent and synchronized. What is the meaning of synchronized waves? Thanks in advance.
  49. M

    Need help for Generator Synchronization

    I want to synchronize to generator. And I want to simulate using MATLAB. But I cannot understand how to do that. Because to do that I need equation's of voltage, phase and frequency. But I could not find. Please help me with that. And also I want to simulate those equation using MATLAB. is there...