A Question On Electron Microscopy (TEM)

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Homework Statement

The question is as follows:

1. You are provided with a 1 cm3 of biological sample from which 0.1 mm thin sections are cut. A search for virus cells at a magnification of 100,000 has been proposed. The fluorescent screen on which the image is to be projected has a diameter of 15 cm.

(a) How many fields need to be searched to cover an area of 0.1 mm2?

(b) What percentage of the original sample does the searched volume represent?

(c) Comment on the significance of the calculated values.

Homework Equations

The Attempt at a Solution

I don't know of any formulas for this question.
The magnification might be a key here.
Can I find the resolution of the TEM using this?
or maybe the max distance squared I get at 100000 mags (one field) and then use that to calculate the total number of fields to cover 0.1 mm2 ?

In the second part I can do the same (find the area at 100000 mags) and get the percentage.

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What is meant by field ?
Resolution depends on the wavelength/energy of electron beam used in TEM.

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