What is van der pol: Definition and 12 Discussions

Van der Pol (also "Van de Pol", "Van de Poll", "Van den Pol" or "Van Pol") is a Dutch, toponymic surname, originally meaning "from the raised land". Notable people with the surname include:

Van der Pol(l) / VanderpolAlfred Vanderpol (1854–1915), French engineer, philanthropist and author
Anneliese van der Pol (born 1984), Dutch-born American actress and singer
Balthasar van der Pol (1889–1959), Dutch physicist
a.o. known for the Van der Pol oscillator and the Bonhoeffer-van der Pol model
Jaap van der Poll (1914–2010), Dutch javelin thrower
Jos van der Pol (born 1961), Dutch conceptual and installation artist
Liesbeth van der Pol (born 1959), Dutch architectVan de PolPiet van de Pol (1907–1996), Dutch billiards playerVan den PolAnthony van den Pol (born 1949?), Yale Professor of NeurosurgeryVan PolChristiaan van Pol (1752–1813), Dutch flower painter
Thijs van Pol (born 1991), Dutch football forward
Vera van Pol (born 1993), Dutch artistic gymnast

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  1. kornelthefirst

    Van der Pol Oscillator limit cycle

    First i looked at the case of ## \epsilon = 0## and came to the conclusion, that this oscillator has a circular limit cycle in a phase space trajectory, when plotted with the axes x and ##\dot{x}##. I have found that ##x_0^p (t) = a_1 \cos(t)## which implies that all other Fourier- coefficients...
  2. shivajikobardan

    Engineering Van der Pol equation confusion

    The van der pol non-linear equation is given as-: y''=A(1-y²)y'-By y=amplitude The analysis given by the book is this-: When y²<1 i.e when y is small A(1-y²) is negative. A(1-y²) is called damping term. I don't understand how is it negative? It obviously becomes positive in this case...
  3. S

    Derivation of van der pol oscillator

    Homework Statement Given characteristic equation for a circuit containing a diode, I must figure out how to fit a polynomial to the curve so that the van der pol equation is obtained. The paper I am reading is here: http://www.unige.ch/math/hairer60/pres/pres_rentrop.pdf My doubts are...
  4. E

    Van der pol Equation Simulation in Simulink

    Homework Statement As the title says, I am trying to implement two differential equations into Simulink. I don't know how to start. How do I know what to start with, which block goes where? when do I add something and when do I know to subtract something using the sum block. When I got my...
  5. D

    MHB Van der Pol Equation: Solving w/ Perturbation Methods

    $$ x'' + \varepsilon(x^2-1)x'+x=0\quad \varepsilon\ll 1 $$ Using multiple scale perturbation and letting $f(x,x') = (x^2-1)x'$, we have $$ x_{0tt} + \varepsilon x_{1tt} + 2\varepsilon x_{0tT} + \cdots + \varepsilon f(x_0,x_{0t}) + \cdots + x_0 + \varepsilon x_1 + \cdots = 0 $$ where $T$ is our...
  6. M

    Van Der Pol Dynamics: Understanding Relationships with Infinitesimals

    Hi All, for a Van Der Pol dyanmical sysetm , governed by the equations x' = a * (x - 0.3 x ^3 ) - y y' = x i read at http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Van_der_Pol_oscillator that when the system is away from the curve y=x−x3/3 , "a relation |x˙| >> |y˙|=O(1/ϵ) is obtained from...
  7. M

    Understanding the Van Der Pol System: Muzialis' Struggles

    Hello All, I am struggling to understand the following passage (all equations can be found in a much better format at http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Van_der_Pol_oscillator, eq(8) especially). Starting from (C being a constant) u' = C * u [4 - (u^2*v^2)] v' = C * v [4 - (u^2*v^2)]...
  8. T

    Difference between the Rayleigh and Van Der Pol Oscillators?

    Homework Statement I have two separate problems, but I get the same answer for each. I feel like this must be wrong. Question 1: Find the leading term of a uniformly valid (for t > 0) asymptotic expansion of the solution of the IVP \ddot{x} + \epsilon\dot{x}(x^2-1)+x = 0 \mbox{ } x(0) =...
  9. K

    Fixed points of Van Der Pol equation

    Homework Statement "Discuss the fixed points of the Van Der Pol equation depending on the perturbation parameter µ when µ >= 0" Homework Equations x'' - \mu(1-x^2)x' + x = 0 is the Van Der Pol Equation. The Attempt at a Solution Well, this question is really easy for most values of µ...
  10. P

    Hamiltonian of Van der Pol Oscillator

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help with this; we have the Hamiltonian of a linear harmonic oscillator H=(p2+w2q2)/2 now we apply the frictional force F=ap(bq-1) where a and b are constants. how do we alter the Hamiltonian to take that into account? if it helps, the total time derivative of H...
  11. nicksauce

    Van der Pol oscillator + Hopf bifurcation

    Homework Statement Consider the biased van der Pol oscillator: \frac{d^2x}{dt^2}=u (x^2-1)\frac{dx}{dt} + x = a. Find the curves in (u,a) space at which Hopf bifurcations occur. (Strogatz 8.21) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Not even sure where to start with this...
  12. R

    Van der Pol equation potential

    Hello guys, I am looking for the original article of Van der Pol. B. van der Pol, "The nonlinear theory of electric oscillations," Proc. IRE, vol. 22, pp. 1051--1086, Sept. 1934. do you have an idea of where i can find it? (online :blushing:, or what does proc. IRE means?) The main...