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2 O parents and an AB Child

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    Suraj M

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    Is it possible for two O blood group parents to have a child with blood group AB, well this has happened, so i've heard, but how?
    I can understand how 2 AB group parents can have a child tested as O blood group, but how is, the other way around, possible?
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    "so I've heard" is not an acceptable reference. If you have published evidence for this, please cite the source.

    "Ancient aliens wrote the U.S. Constitution, so I've heard." See how authoritative that sounds?

    It's not genetically possible for two O group parents to produce a child who is group AB. Somebody's mixed up, mistaken, or lying.
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    Suraj M

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    2 AB can have a baby tested as O, they can if both the parents are heterozygous ##Hh## there is a chance that the baby will be tested as O though the child belongs to bombay blood group..
    Actually my friend is AB and both her parents are O, and i am sure she's not adopted, and ive heard it is possible from my teacher :)
    I'm surprised at the statistics of 1 in a million, thanks Raghav :)
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