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21 century dialectic and conflict resolution

  1. Apr 19, 2004 #1
    Sometimes when we think of past or future history, we miss a few simple but important things...

    Like All of Western Civilisation, enforcing lose/lose scenarios as problem solving devices, bombs and blood foriegn policies...

    what is the dominant operating princaple of western civilisation?


    What is law based on or how is Law arrived at?

    By 'dialectic', which is traced back to Sacrates and Plato, and the "Socratic Method' which is the rule of thumb for all legal discussion.

    Dialectic is 2500 hundred years old , primitive.

    Our 'dialectic' is what needs the upgrade! Change the dialectic, and you change and transform the society.

    And as luck would have it, such an updated dialectice was developed.

    The funny thing is that this dialectic was not created by a professor, or a philosopher, or a attorney, nor by any institution that you would think would supply such a thing

    This dialectic was created by people, all kinds of people, discussing war and terrorism on the internet., and it was quite an unintentional discovery indeed.

    OS 012 is a hyper dialectic that embraces the conflict of idea so all sides of the conflict can win.

    Ya interested? Here it is..


    Forgive the site, too, please, it is in playful beta mode, a tongue in cheek puzzle for the gentle reader, a little too over the top I am afraid, the new site will be launched soon.

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