2nd bachelors Degree Question (after a SAP appeal)

In summary: So if you are looking to get a 2nd degree in industrial engineering, you will need to have completed at least 60 credit hours.
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My BS is in Physics and I had considered getting another BS in industrial engineering. However I have question that I can not find any direct answer on FAFSA website

I have accumulated more than 180 hours in my Bachelors Degree, going over the 150% limit for an undergraduate major. My appeal for more aid failed at my university, and I had to pay for my last semester by private funds. However, I even though I went over the180 hour limit, I did not exceed the $57000 limit for federal funds. I only have a total debt of $19000 in federal student loans.

I have read before that a student can be granted an additional 45 hours with federal loans for a 2nd degree provided the university accepts them with their credentials. But I can not find the official source for this.

I am currently considering going to another university for a 2nd bachelors degree. Is it possible that I can access the federal student money that I did not utilize for the 1st bachelors degree.

If there is a legitimate FAFSA or other link that would answer this question, may you please provide it.
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Your best bet is to make an appointment with a financial aid adviser at your prospective school. Don't just talk to a person at the counter, they usually just field quick questions. Take all the info you have on your existing consumption of financial aid and take it with you to the appointment.

I did this when I went back to school for engineering after physics and I was able to get more loans. So it is possible.
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Sorry for the wait, I found out the answer though. The truth is that even if you go beyond the 150% limit of classes attempted, you can still utilize the money that you did not spend of the $57000 limit for a 2nd Bachelors Degree. However, if you have not completed your 1st degree, You will have to pay the remaining semesters with non-federal expenses (ie private loans, etc.)

It should be noted that only up to 45 credit hours towards a 2nd degree will covered with federal loans after you get your 1st degree.

What is a 2nd bachelors degree?

A 2nd bachelors degree is an additional undergraduate degree that a person can earn after completing their first bachelors degree. It is typically pursued for career advancement or to gain knowledge in a different field.

Why would someone need to appeal for a 2nd bachelors degree?

There are a few reasons why someone may need to appeal for a 2nd bachelors degree. This could be due to not meeting the admission requirements, not completing the necessary prerequisite courses, or not having a high enough GPA. The appeal is a way to explain the circumstances and request an exception to the requirements.

What is a SAP appeal?

SAP stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress and is a federal requirement for students receiving financial aid. It measures a student's progress towards completing their degree and maintaining a certain GPA. A SAP appeal is a request to continue receiving financial aid if a student does not meet the SAP requirements due to extenuating circumstances.

What should I include in my appeal for a 2nd bachelors degree?

When writing an appeal for a 2nd bachelors degree, it is important to include a detailed explanation of the circumstances that prevented you from meeting the requirements. This could include medical or personal reasons, financial constraints, or other unforeseen circumstances. It is also helpful to provide any supporting documentation, such as medical records or letters of recommendation.

Is there a chance my appeal for a 2nd bachelors degree will be denied?

While each appeal is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, there is a possibility that your appeal for a 2nd bachelors degree may be denied. It is important to provide a strong and compelling case for why you should be granted an exception. If your appeal is denied, you may have the option to submit a new appeal with additional information or to explore other options, such as taking prerequisite courses or raising your GPA before reapplying.

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