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Homework Help: 3 simple circuits

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    A 1.5e-6 F capacitor is connected as in fig. 31-10 to an AC generator with Em=30 V. What is the amplitude of the resulting alternating current if the frequency of the emf is (a) 1kHz and (b) 8kHz?

    I have no idea where to begin. I don't even know what they are asking for in this problem.
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    Does [tex]\frac{1} {2 \pi f c}[/tex] help?
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    If you can show me how to do the entire problem that would be great.
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    PF guidelines are that you need to show your attempt at a solution.
    Also you should have posted it in the homework section.
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    How do I do that?
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    The homework section is located here:
    Post your hw questions in that section from now. Do not start another thread about this because I've already requested a move.

    Tell us about the ac resistance of a capacitor and how frequency effects, if anything at all.
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    Does this post from NoTime mean nothing at all to you?

    It's a very big hint...
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