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3D computergames

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    To make an image appear 3d you need one image from a point of veiw and another image from a different point of veiw.

    Would it be possible to get the necessary information from a computergame to create both images? I was thinking it would be very cool if it was possible to make any computer game 3d.
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    it is more then possible, it's already being implemented.
    i got a friend who's working on converting games to work like this.
    you just need to set two cameras in slightly different locations instead of one - a function you already have with the video card drivers, and hardware which will make one eye see one camera while the other eye sees the other.

    the main problem is the refresh rate... you halve it because only one of two frames is being seen by each eye....
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    This technology is used in IMAX 3D using polarization...

    Two images are projected on to the screen, one polarized at 0 degrees, and the other is at 90 degrees. Then, with a set of polarized glasses, where one lens is polarized at 0 and the other at 90, you see a pure 3D image. The images are taken using a synchronized binocular camera rig, wouldn't want to end up with asynchronous channels!

    It would be easy to implement this in a computer's software, but it will need an advanced display system (dual projectors with polarization filters, special LCD with speacial crystals, or CRT with an advanced screen system?) Probably you could get the projector system to work right now, but I don't know about the others yet.
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    well, i think the hardware my friend uses is a normal screen which has line bumps on its surface, so one line of pixels is directed to one eye, and the other is directed to the other eye.
    and he uses a synchronized binocular camera rig by sending the game's graphic engine request to render for two cameras.
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    So it has to be focused on your eyes depending on what distance you are sitting from the screen?
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    They make glasses and video drivers that can simulate 3d as well as some sort of screen that you can put infront of your monitor. Those things only work properly if the game is all 3d already. Primarily used in flight sims.
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