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3D simulation on screen

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    Man, I just found this video on youtube and the 3D effect is absolutely amazing... imagine playing a 3D shooting game with that! Furthermore, the effect can be done with very low cost as demonstrated in the video...

    here is the video
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    Whoa! That is absolutely stunning! I wish I had a wii!
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    I imagine there is a good application for this in medical training, and many other fields.
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    wow.. awesome!!
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    I love how simple this is.

    It's seriously awesome.
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    Welcome to the 21st century. People have been doing this long before the wii came out with simple hobby grade sensors. I personally like the "write anywhere" wii remote hack better though.
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    Thanks. This just might go to tomorrows shopping list.
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    You also need the light bar off the wii console (or at least a couple of LED's).
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    Wow! :bugeye:
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    Yep... infrared-LEDs... available at Radio Shack (http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062565)... or in bulk at DealExtreme (http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.2399). The Radio Shack ones are better, but more expensive.

    ..and, of course, you'll need a bluetooth-adapter connected to a computer running software that interprets and processes the Wiimote sensor values. (By the way, the Wiimote also has a 3-axis accelerometer... which of course doesn't need any IR sources. I'm waiting for the Gyroscope attachment.)

    The point is one doesn't need the [expensive and possibly hard to find] Wii console.

    [By the way, you can achieve similar effects with a [modified] webcam and an IR-led.
    You have to filter out the visible light reaching the webcam... and possibly remove the IR filter.
    The advantage of using the Wiimote is that it has a dedicated onboard processor which tracks up to 4 points at about 100fps.]
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