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5-th spacial dimension

  1. Mar 26, 2003 #1
    I have been able to visuallize what a tesseract and its propperties look like. I then applied the same principal to a tesseract and came up with a hyper-tesseract with phase properties (the ability to access other planes of existence).
    Is this a possible model for mathematical explanation of the tunneling properties of high-energy particles?
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    The three original spacial dimensions are length, width, and height. What are the others? No names please. Also, I believe volume to be a dimension. Is it one in your five dimensional concept?
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    First, voulme is the basically width, length, and height added together to make a consept. Which is what we call volume.

    As of the fourth spacial dimension, its properties ar the directions 'in' and 'out.' It consists of the properties of phase.
    To explain this we need to look at the tesseract and see how it moves.

    Now draw a cube. Draw it a large size. Now, draw a small cube inside the large cube. Then connect the corresponding verteces. Congradulations! You have just drawn a tesseract.
    Now go to this web site to see how it moves.
    http://pw1.netcom.com/~hjsmith/WireFrame4/tesseract.html [Broken]
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    actually, volume could be a dimension. my proof is that you can have six 2-d plates, and put them together, and you have a cube with nothing in it. volume is a dimension.
  6. Mar 31, 2003 #5
    What do you mean 2-d plates? And the only way you can group them together is with a third dimensional line.
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    To explain volume as a dimension, think of an absolute empty three-dimensional area. Now, put six two dimensional plates, square, together, in the shape of a cube. The sides of the cube have no thickness, and also there is nothing inside, so you have a three-dimensional object. Now, add a dimension to the sides. Now you would have a four-dimensional object, the new dmension being volume, as that is a dimension given by constructing a visual three dimensional object out of three dimensional objects, instead of out of two dimensional ones.
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    A volume is a measurement of space. If you have space, you have volume. A cube with no matter inside still has volume.
  9. Apr 1, 2003 #8
    back on the subject!!..

    This is my thread. Will someone please answer my question?
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    Each object in universe exist in its cycle of time or in its "spatial bubble” . These bubble become “filled with air” by energy (time) inherent to given object. The bubble of part is less than bubble of integer. Bubbles of different objects can interact. This interaction brings about to garbling the form of bubble, to merging of two or several, to division on two or several, in the same way to its destruction. Such pictures we can OBSERVE in surrounding us world.
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    So you are saying that everything has its own area that corresponds spherically from the center point of the object.
    And this area is filled with energy after it is created?
    Please explain a little more.
  12. Apr 8, 2003 #11
    Dear avemt1.
    On my glance, have no sense to search for the truth about construction of universe in geometric buildings. The geometry is fit for economic and home using only. The people invented the notion "3-d space" because it is comfortable, graphically and enough for their practical use. However this simplification of realitie have provided in dead end.
    We'll try to find output from it.
    The Space and Energy which we observe around us, this result of the current of Time. The Spatial moving the object 1 to the object 2 does means the overcome of set "past time " object 2 up to his "present time", since the distance before the object in space is amount his past conditions at time, indeed. As well it known, this requires the expenseses of energy. The energy expense of object 1 on this work occurs in the manner of expenseses of his Time. This is not a distract time, this is Time Cycle (TC) of object, or in other words the time of life. The possible variant, when spents TC of not object 1 , but of connected with him of object 3, for instance, or group of object 3,4, 5.... The possible variant of regeneration TC of object 1 for account TC of other object. It is uncomplicated to find the ensemble an example in our life, but I think there is no need to bring them here. I hope you find them by itself.
  13. Apr 15, 2003 #12
    corroborating this...if we think about a cube we can notice that there are infinite number of squares between the opposite sides.....therefore in 4th spatial dimension to connect one side of a hypercube to its opposite you need to use infinte number of cubes, that are 3 dimensional,......

    there are infinte number of 'x' dimensional figures in an 'x+1' dimesional figure...

    Now imagine that you are walking through a cube....you walk through an infinte series of square...they are infinte because they are devoid of the 1 extra dimension that the cube has.....therefore....according to you....you dont know when you are entering a square and when you are leaving it......

    similarly....for a being of fourth spatial dimension he will be entering a series of cubes but will not know when it began or end....its just like in and out....he doesn't know when he goes in and when he comes out.....these are just my views....
  14. Apr 19, 2003 #13
    You'll NEVER get the line 1D by using an infinity number of points 0D, you'll NEVER do not get a square 2D by using an infinity number of lines 1D, you'll NEVER do not get a cube 3D by using an infinity number of squares 2D.. etc. The Reason:

    The Zero multiplied by Infinity is a ZERO.

    Insofar I am informed this Law is not cancelled yet.
    So. Your discussion about spatial dimensions is dissipation of Time.
    Space is an illusion of Time.
    Time dimensions exists only.
  15. Apr 21, 2003 #14
    Are u sure of this.....

    How do u fit this in the physical picture....
  16. Apr 21, 2003 #15
    THe way I understand it: a solid shape can be divided infinately into smaller shapes of a lower dimension.
    ex: cube/square= INFINITY

    I do not understand the reasoning behind this.
  17. Apr 21, 2003 #16
    Stranger and avemt1.
    I do not think that I must explain you, why zero multiplied by infinity is a zero. Do address your teacher this question, please.
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    I tend not to participate much in these speculative threads because people's pet theories are often vastly different from the "establishment", and they often use common terms in ways vastly different than the conventional usage...

    But so blatantly insulting the intelligence of others when you're not even right just screams for a response.

    First off, there is exactly one commonly used number system that includes ∞ the extended real numbers. In the extended real numbers. In this number system, 0 * &infin is not defined. If we're doing a computation and we come to 0 * &infin, we call it an "indeterminate form" and we backtrack and reanalyze the problem so we can perform a different computation that avoids 0 * &infin.

    Secondly, an n-cubical region most certainly can be written as the union of (n-1)-cubical regions. The equation is practically trivial given a rectilinear parametrization of the n-cube. Even more basic than that, any geometrical object is simply a set of points, so it is sheer absurdity to claim that you can't make a line out of points.
  19. Apr 21, 2003 #18

    All I asked was to interpret this physically......do you not agree that there are infinte number of squares between the opposite sides of a cube....thats the physical picture...moreover, we are not taking time as the 5th spatial dimension...
  20. Apr 23, 2003 #19
    yes, that is the point Time is seprate from space, but time makes space and without space there is no time. They are co-dependant.
    A hyper tesseract with the properties of
    'In front of' and 'behind'
    Here is an example: crossing between mediums(universes). Although you would not know when you crossed the medium wall because you will stay , essentailly, in the same place. You would know how you got there. THis has nothing to do with a wormhole. It is something else. It is the barier that keeps us in this universe.
  21. Apr 24, 2003 #20

    The vain accusations, Hurkil.
    I just gave the good advice for boys . The School teacher must confirm that zero multiplied by any number is a zero, since this is written in all textbook and it is true.
    I'll prove my statement now. Simultaneously, I'll prove you are not right.
    First off, it is necessary to define what is a ZERO.
    You speak of infinitely small value, which does gets as a result of division of any real number by infinity .
    This value you do take as the zero. This value is computable with vague result already. If such zero multiplyed by infinity then is got a "indeterminate form" you are mentioning. Such result is predestined since a both multiplicands have "indeterminate form". Let's to identify such zero as " vague zero".
    The True zero it is possible to compare to Black Hole capable to swallow all and herewith it remain absolutely unchangeable. Let such zero is identified "absolute zero".
    Any a difference from absolute it is possible to consider as endless since this difference will not become absolute zero under any number of further actions of fission. For this reason your zero this not zero indeed.
    About your geometric buildings now.
    You use the inverse sequence of actions.
    You do not build the building from a zero point. You have take the ready building and disassemble it on bricks. Then you have split the bricks on a small pieces. Now, it is enough to declare that this a pieces has 0D (?) and through the sequence 0D--> 1D-->2D-->3D you have the ready building. Why only in this sequences (n-1) --->n? You have said "any geometrical object is simply a set of points". Signifies the sequence 0D-->nD is the most simple and consequently optimum for building.
    However you must do the choice between two variants
    1) You use an absolute zero. Obviously you buildes nothing .
    2) You use a vague zero. The Result will be successful. Though building 3D object for instance, it will turn out to be executed from 3D component, indeed.
    You have a big mistake. At fission of nD object you have consider, one of dimensions does disappeared and he became an (n-1)D object. At building nD object from (n-1)D object , you are expecting a presence of the infinitely small, but different from absolute zero a components of nD object in (n-1)D object . You had used the notion "absolute zero" in the first situation , but in the second one the notion "vague zero".
    Wrong! Try out to do all on the contrary. This will be faithfully.

    Then we have:

    - nD object can be divided on nD components ONLY.

    - nD object can't be built from (n-1)D object. NEVER.

    n- Dimension area consists of objects having n- Dimension only . It does not contain the other spatial dimensions inwardly.

    This conclusions allows to make valid an explanation of construction of our universe.
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