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9/11 Educational Radio Show- I need expertise

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    Hey guys. I know conspiracy theories and the discussion of 9/11 in general is frowned upon on this forum, but I am looking for some experts in structural engineering, aeronautics, physics etc. for my 9/11 educational radio show tomorrow morning. I use a website called BlogTalkRadio to do my show which basically allows you to host your own radio show from over the phone. So if any experts out there relevant to 9/11 who will be available tomorrow please let me know if any of you can make it as guests for this show. Thanks a bunch.

    Most of the focus will be on educating people about the details of 9/11 and some of it will be directed at debunking conspiracy claims. I had to add this to explain why I threw in conspiracy theories at the top.
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    Did you see the shows on the History Channel yesterday? They did a really nice job of debunking a bunch of the most common conspiracy theories.
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    The show Moonbear is mentioning is a good view. I watched a fair amount of it. While I think they could have gone into much more depth on some things, I think they did well on most. It's unfortunate that they did not pick some of the more prevalent topics and allow for back and forth between the conspiracy theorists and the experts.

    If you can get a copy of that show, by all means watch it.
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    This book does not tell you a lot about conspiracy theories, but gives you a lot of background for Afghanistan up to immediately before the 9/11 attacks: "Charlie's War" by Charlie Wilson (retired U.S. Congressional Representative); soon to become a Hollywood movie.
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