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A capacitor Discharging into another capacitor

  1. May 6, 2015 #1
    I have charged two capacitors in series with a 100V cell such that now, there are electrons on the inside plate of one and the outside plate of the other, bunched up so that they incur a negative charge on each capacitor of 133micro coulombs.

    Now, they are just connected to one another with a resistor to form a loop. how will the charge redistribute and why? I have been told that 133 micro coulombs would pass through the resistor but i see no reason as to why all the charge on the outer plate of one would just migrate entirely over to the other. The capacitances are 2 and 4 micro farads.

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    After charging, charge on each capacitor will be same but voltages across both the capacitors will be different (which of course will add up to 100 V). So,when you connect them, its like two voltage sources in series. Current will flow from higher voltage capacitor to lower voltage capacitor until both are at the same voltage level. So,the charge will redistribute to bring them to equilibrium.
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