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A confusion with tangent galvanometer

  1. Feb 6, 2015 #1
    When no current is passed through the coil it shows no deflection i.e. B is in the direction shown. But according to theory both fields should be perpendicular (Earth's horizontal field and the one due to coil).
    But I am confused because the coil would ideally create a magnetic field that is either parallel or anti-parallel to earth's Horizontal magnetic field. Is there somewhere I made a blunder or am I missing something?

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    If that happens, rotate the device by 90 degrees, then they are perpendicular to each other. The orientation of the magnet without current helps to find the right orientation.
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    Philip Wood

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    What do you mean by "ideally" in this case? I simply don't know why you say that the parallel fields or antiparallel fields configurations are "ideal".
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    Yeah that's what I thought too but as far as I know this is the way this device is used (Without rotating it).

    I mean the field lines created by a coil are exactly perpendicular to it's plane 'ideally'.
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    Philip Wood

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    That's correct, but it's not what you said before!
    You orientate the coil with its plane in the Earth's magnetic North-South meridian plane. So the coil's field (at its centre) is in the East-West direction, that is at right angles to the Earth's field. With no current through the coil a compass (or magnetometer) magnet placed at the centre of the coil will point magnetic North. As soon as you have a current through the coil it will deflect from North.
  7. Feb 13, 2015 #6
    I got it that's correct; Thank you. I got confused a bit by that compass and magnet.
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