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A good book on immunology and the study of diseases

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    I am looking for an easy to read book on immunology that focuses on how diseases occur, progress, and cause changes at the cellular level in human body. The book will be ideal if it has a lot of pictures of affected human organs, graphs (or some representation of data in clinic), identification of biochemicals that causes the disease, and biochemicals in human body. It does not matter if the book has no discussion of the names of every 100 biochemicals involved, or cures.
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    As mentioned above, Janeway Immunobiology is probably the best immunology text out there. Kuby Immunology is also good.

    It sounds like you are more interested in disease processes at the cellular level, so you may also want to try Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease or McCance and Huether Pathophysiology.
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