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A mini project regarding soundwaves?

  1. Sep 29, 2009 #1
    Hi, I have already made a post, which did help (so thanks all for repling) but I am trying to conduct an experiment, and have limited knowledge in this field! Basically my project is to make something, so when a blender is on 'my project' hears this sound, a light comes on (prefer a light, but it could be anything which indicates the noise has been heard). To make things harder for me, is this possible for the light to come on when only a particular noise is heard! If this is possible, could someone explain the theory behind this and the type of apparatus need to make this!

    I hope this doesn't come across as if it were "a homework project"! I am infact 22 and just an experiment I want to carry out for my own pleasure! (hopefully everyone can see, that by my lack of knowledge it would def not be anything to do with a homework)

    Any help would be muckly appriaciated
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    Are you doing this project primarily because you want to learn about the science involved, or are you primarily interested in the results?

    For example, would you be interested in solutions that don't require you to design and build circuits?
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    cheers for the reply davec426913. well adventually i want to build it. (as long as its cost effective) but obviously its a worthless project without a bit of knowledge about it. so i would be greatful for the solutions which either help me to build it or not.
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    WhatI mean is: you might be able to buy the components ready-made, or you might build them from scratch.

    I suggest you ask around on some electronics boards. Here's one:
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    Well I do what it as a final project! So if I can buy it, GREAT, if I have to build it, so be it! But does that mean it's possible for a devise to just 'hear' one sound! And what type of component is it(just for future reference)
    many thanks
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