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A non-linear program, truck stops and camps

  1. Aug 2, 2010 #1
    I could use some help starting my homework.
    The problem set up is as follows:

    #1: Facility Location
    Suppose we want to locate an airstrip somewhere in the desert
    where airplanes can land to drop off food aid, which will be trucked
    to various refugee camps. The camps are located and populated as

    x y population
    30 0 11 thousand
    300 20 20 thousand
    0 45 10 thousand
    60 60 13 thousand

    (I can't seem to separate the x, y and pop column so that it looks neater- but all numbers in the first left column are the x values, the middle numbers are the y values and the numbers in the right column are the pop values (the ones in thousands))

    The # of trips to each camp is proportional to the camp population.
    There are no roads for the trucks to use--they will drive straight
    from the airport to the camps.
    a) Formulate an NLP to minimize the total travel distance for
    the trucks (using math notation, not yet in Excel).

    I'm not sure where to start writing equations for a non linear program.

    Any ideas?
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