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Homework Help: A qn on thermodynamic

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    An ideal gas is carried through a thermodynamic cycle consisting of 2 isobaric and 2 isothermal processes.

    Show that the nett work done is

    W=P1( V2-V1)ln ( P2/P1)

    i am really stuck at this qn for very long. Please help me

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    I assume that you mean you have been working on it for a long time! Show us what you think you do understand about the problem and what work you have already done.
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    i know that Work done by the gas is
    nRTIn( Vf/Vi) and this is only for the two isothermal processes
    Since BC and DA are isobaric, the 2 isothermal processes are AB and CD.
    The nett work done is the shaded area in the diagram.
    But i do not know the volume of the gas at B & D.
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