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A quintessentially New York sculpture

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    Brooklyn sculptor Tom Otterness had a major display all up and down Broadway several years ago and I really loved his work. I walked several miles of it (they were only occasional along the street) taking pictures. A few weeks ago I was visiting my son in Brooklyn and he took me to a park near where he is working and I got this shot.

    Otterness is marvelously whimsical in his depiction of money and "money-bags".

    Some of his other stuff is better than this one, but this is my most recent view of his work, so here it is.

    I encourage those of you not familiar with his work to Google his name and click on "images"

    Tom Otterness.jpg

    EDIT: OOPS ... jtbell, I somehow thought this was one of those photo contest threads. Didn't mean to hijack your thread. Maybe my having done so will encourage others to post NY sculptures.
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    If it's in New York, it's fine with me! Next year I'll probably visit NY for the first time in about thirty years (as opposed to just "passing through" on the way to somewhere else), so I'm starting to keep an eye out for things to look for.
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