A single line diagram for PV system for a distribution system

Hi guys,

I am looking for a real life single line diagram (containing generator, transmission line, distribution system) containing a PV system in a distribution level. The single line should contain all the parameters (for example generator voltage, and impedance for transmission line, transformers, load, PV system capacity and impedance). This is for my project at school and I couldn't find it anywhere. Any help is appreciated


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Thanks dlgoff for your reply. However, that is not what I needed at all. What I needed was some kind of case study with one-line diagram showing all the impedances (of transmission lines, transformers etc), load size and Photovoltaic plant capacity so that I have some kind of real life data (not something made up). I am working on a voltage regulation at PCC (point of common coupling). My goal is to come up with some kind of control methodology so that my inverter will inject / absorb reactive power so that the voltage is at the nominal level. For this, I need the one-line diagram to come up with the system transfer function.
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Did you ever end up finding a one line circuit diagram of a real world plant with a photovoltaic system? I’m currently working on a research project with some similarities to this and a real world example would be useful.

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