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Electrical distribution network

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    I am doing a project for a course and it asks me to draw annotated drawings of the distribution network including generators, transmission systems, distribution system and low voltage loads which in general is all fine. However, I have come across a question that asks me to draw an annotated line schematic of multiple infeeds and feeders. My issue is that I thought in-feeds and feeders were the same thing! Can anyone tell me what the difference is. I'm embarrassed to even be asking this but I don't know
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    I don't know if this will help with your current question, but this Insights series by @anorlunda should help you in your overall work on AC distribution networks:



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    I'll bet @jim hardy will be able to help you find a diagram.
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    jim hardy

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    Sorta hard to know what that textbook author had in mind for term "infeeder" without reading the chapter from which his question sprang.

    The word doesn't appear in this GE brochure


    i'll guess he means there are multiple primary feeds bringing power into the local distribution system

    Anyhow, that link should have keywords for further search.

    run this by teacher and ask if it's the right flavor ?

    or maybe one like this

    here's a description of a power plant electrical distribution system . When i first read your question i thought "my old plant one line diagrams would meet those requirements"
    see page 3, it looks like a good start. Needs an in house generator for times when grid is down.

    old jim
    Glad to see students interested in power side of EE . It's gonna see drastic change in you guys' working years.
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    In feeds are sources and Feeders are frequently the branch loads, at least here in the USA - another issue is that a lot of the language used is regional / country specific. Even Annotated Drawings is vague to me, We have Single Line, Three Line, etc - If I Google Image search for "annotated drawings of the distribution network" the results are quite varied, but "Single Line Diagram" you will see is much more consistent.
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