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Writing: Input Wanted A small SciFi comic loosely based on the sixth day movie

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    Very unconventional.
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    Nice work! The number of people who have put together a comic/visual novel is relatively low, so congratulations on doing that! If this is something you are interested in continuing, I recommend picking a few guides to improve your skill (I've got a stack of "how to write" books in my closet :wink:).
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    Your comic reminded me of the one done by Why-the-lucky-stiff and I thought you might gain insight looking at another authors work.



    A key feature of Whys comic is that the text is drawn in the empty space and doesn't overwrite the picture. Also the text is carefully printed in smaller block lettering for readability. Whys drawings are very whimsical like yours but he provides space for the text that he adds later.

    Also Why was careful to use proper spelling of words and proper grammar for his text.
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    pretty synchronically enough i started learning ruby two days ago so im reading that with a lots of interest, thanks for the heads up
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