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A stab wound from a single edged weapon. How to identify?

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    Here is single edged knife.


    spine= blunt end
    blade belly = sharp cutting edge

    Here is the wound


    Now the really pointed end at the left side of the wound, is it created by blade tip or the blade belly (sharp cutting edge). This might be obvious but I'm bit confused at how this wound is created, when I look at double edged wounds. Thanks :smile:


    Double edged left, single edged right.
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    Is this for forensics analysis of knife wounds?
    Your motive might be questioned if there is any legalities involved.

    A knife can be used to stab, slash, or cut.
    Subsequently, the wound can be either a stabbing wound, a slashing wound or an incised wound.

    You have to check depth and length of wound to narrow further down.
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    Do you mean this wound looks double-edged to you?. It was created from a single edged knife, as you can tell from the sharpness of the nearer extremity of the wound. Perhaps you were thinking one wound edge should be more ragged, but the skin has separated and wound edges have become more stretched out, reducing the contrast between the two edges. You don't see this in clay. If you looked at this under magnification, I think you could tell the difference between the wound edges.
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    It appears to have been created with a small single edge knife. The puncture doesn't look very deep. Some adipose tissue appears to be visible.
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