What is Wound: Definition and 37 Discussions

A wound is a type of injury which happens relatively quickly in which skin is torn, cut, or punctured (an open wound), or where blunt force trauma causes a contusion (a closed wound). In pathology, it specifically refers to a sharp injury which damages the epidermis of the skin.

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  1. A

    How can vinegar attenuate the pain of a bee sting? (acid base reaction)

    Hello, I have been working on this subject but I am not sure how to deal with it. I am looking to prove how can vinegar attenuate the pain of a bee sting. I have chosen a specific vinegar that is of 6° and 50 ml and Know the molecular weight of acetic acid is 60g/mol. The bee sting contains...
  2. Delta2

    Medical Should I Be Concerned About a Cut That Won't Heal?

    I 've a cut in my finger that is there for now over 1 week. The blood stops running but when i wash my hand the blood starts running again , then it stops running till i wash my hands again and so on. It seems that the wound just doesn't heal. Should I worry about this and visit a doctor or it...
  3. N

    Engineering Calculating EMF and Motor Speed for a Compound Wound D.C. Motor

    I am assuming the motor is cumulative compound wound and that it is long shunt. I also assume that the shunt field resistance ##R_{shunt}## = 50Ω, while the series field resistance is ##R_{series}## = 0.03Ω. i) calculate EMF with armature current ##I_{a}## = 5A and armature resistance ##R_{a}##...
  4. P

    Engineering Magnetic field strength of an electromagnet (coil wound around a bobbin)

    I am trying to design an electromagnet which consists of a copper PVC sheathed wire wound around a cylindrical plastic spool of Circumference (C) = pi x diameter. The spool has a hollow body of diameter D1. This wire has maximum length (L), cross sectional area A, resistivity P. The spool once...
  5. P

    A string over a pulley with two hoops wound like spools on each end

    I have seen the solution to this problem but I don't understand it. Here is my drawing of the problem. Apparently I should do the sum of the forces and sum of the torques for both hoops like this: hoop 1: (1) τ - M1g = M1(a1t-a1R) (2) τR1 = ½M1R12a1r/R1 hoop 2: (3) M2g - τ = M2(a1t+a2r) (4)...
  6. Osvaldo

    Max Compression & Reinstall of Spiral Wound Gaskets -Advice Needed

    Would need advise on which is the maximum allowed compression to apply to a gasket according to the thickness of the gasket. If this information is available from the manufacturers, would like to know. Also, if once used, the gasket can be reinstalled and which is the experience about that.
  7. anonymous99

    Rotational motion question -- Wire wound around a rolling spool

    Shouldn't the answer have the same magnitude regardless of sign convention?
  8. N

    Why Does Lack of Sleep Affect Wound Healing?

    Let's say you hurt your finger. If you lack sleep. Why would it affect healing of the finger? Is it not the innate immune cells in the fingers and blood work isolated there? Why would lack of sleep affect the healing of the finger? Remember when we sleep, our brain is still as active as when we...
  9. T

    Calculate the inductance of a solenóide wound on an iron core

    Hello friends of the forum! I'm here with a doubt! I have a solenoid of cross-sectional area 5cm and length 9cm with iron core of relative permeability (ur) 9,000, I wonder how to calculate this silenoid!
  10. Mukhtar Jafri

    I Force exerted by a rope wound around a disk

    The above picture shows the forces on a disk supported by a rope which is wound around it. The tension T is shown to be acting at the point where the rope loses contact with the disk. I think the reason for this is that the friction is assumed to be huge so that the tension in the rope also acts...
  11. curiosity colour

    Resistivity of a wire that is wound close on a cylinder

    Homework Statement Homework Equations R= pl/A effective resistance= 1/R The Attempt at a Solution I'm honestly don't know where to start, althought I know i need to do something with the 200 coils first, but I have no idea what should be done with it
  12. Neil Hayes

    How to calculate the resistance of a lap wound armature?

    Homework Statement A 4 pole lap wound armature has 16 coils, each with a resistance of 0.1 ohms. Calculate the resistance of the armature? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Hi there fellow members, I'm currently doing a section of my course which deals with Electrical machines. The...
  13. Rafa_El

    Crank Generator: How Much Copper Wound Needed for 3V Output?

    http://www.arvindguptatoys.com/toys/crank%20generator.html I view at that page. And want to try it, but how much copper wound i needed to produce a 3v output? The instruction said it was 400 wound but how long?
  14. I

    Determine the number of times the magnetic field has wound around the Sun

    Homework Statement Hi, I know that this probably is easy to calculate, but I have the ability to thing the opposite about problems, therefore I'm stuck with this one. The question is Determine the number of times the magnetic field has wound around the Sun by a heliocentric distance of 70...
  15. B

    Electrical length of wire wound on magnetic core?

    Hi everyone, I read somewhere that when a coil is wound on a magnetic core it's electrical length becomes longer than it's physical length. I remember seeing this formula L=l * sqrt Ue Where L= Electrical length l=actual (physical) length Ue=Core permeability Does anyone know if this is...
  16. E

    Engineering Basic calcs in excel for dc lap wound motor

    Homework Statement My group and I have to design a lap wound dc motor. Maximum of 12 volts and 5 amps. Must have no more than two poles. The aim is to achieve maximum efficiency. I've created this excel spread sheet to calculate the gauge of wire we need and the type of magnets. Also how...
  17. S

    How does a partially wound toroidal core affect magnetic force and field flow?

    Hi all.. I am currently working on a project where i need to wound toroidal core halfway (not completely) so that part f the core is exposed. With that part, I need to lift weight a certain amount of weight (not fixed at this point). I am trying to understand what kind of equations would be...
  18. E

    Lap Wound DC Motor Simulating

    Im looking to simulate a lap wound permanent magnet brushed DC motor and am looking for advice on the best program. I've carried out some calcs in excel and wondering if I can simulate the motor in solidworks or Ansys to optimize placement and size of components in order to maximize efficiency,
  19. NATURE.M

    Medical What is the foam on my wound and should I be concerned?

    So I wasn't sure if this is the most appropriate place, but recently I got cut on my palm. So its been about two days, for which time I have been using a bandage to conceal the cut. (Note, the cut isn't large, surface area ≈ 1 square cm (probably slight less) However, i noticed the formation...
  20. T

    Friction of a rope wound around a stationary rod

    Homework Statement A 100 kg man holds up a 1000 kg weight by holding on to a rope that is wrapped around a stationary horizontal rod whose other end is tied to the suspended weight. If the coefficient of static friction between the rope and rod is 0.5, what is the minimum number of times that...
  21. S

    A stab wound from a single edged weapon. How to identify?

    Hello, Here is single edged knife. Consider spine= blunt end blade belly = sharp cutting edge Here is the wound Now the really pointed end at the left side of the wound, is it created by blade tip or the blade belly (sharp cutting edge). This might be obvious but I'm bit...
  22. S

    Why is exit wound in a rifle gun shot injury bigger than entry wound?

    Hi, Generally if u see a post mortem skull after a rifle shot injury, exit wound is bigger than entry wound. Shouldn't the bullet lose lots of its energy when coming out, hence smaller wound. Maybe it is spinning or something, but I want to get others views. Thanks :smile:
  23. V

    Get Bifilar Wound Coils for Your Project: 2 of Each Type

    Hi anyone can help me to get these... i want bifilar wounded flat spiral and cylindrical coils for my project can anyone tell where i can get them i required in quantity of two each
  24. C

    North Pole Entering a coil wound counterclockwise

    Electricity and Magnetism (Polarity) Homework Statement Draw and indicate the current flow for the following situtions a) A north pole entering a coil wound counterclockwise b) A north pole exiting a coil wound counterclockwise Also is you could please explain coils, and...
  25. S

    The spiral obtained when tape wound on a spool.

    I was just thinking about a problem for fun where n layers of tape of thickness t are wound on a spool of inner radius r and one needs to find the the variation of angular speed of spool as a function of time such that tape is obtained at a constant time rate v. But , my question is ...
  26. K

    How can I find the number of turns in a solenoid winding?

    A 30mH solenoid inductor is wound on a form 0.4 m in length and 0.1 m in diameter. A coil is tightly wound around the solenoid at its center. the coil resistance is 5.0 ohms. The mutual inductance of the coil and solenoid is 60μH. At a given instant, the current in the solenoid is 0.3A and is...
  27. P

    Which Poles Do I Connect for Short Circuiting in a Wound Rotor Motor?

    Hello, I have problem with an old asynchronous motor with wound rotor it is VEB MEZ VSTEIN.I am intending to run the motor via frequency inverter by connecting it to the stator windings. I need to short circuit the rotor, but there are 6 poles coming out (a,b,c and a0,b0,c0) from the wound...
  28. 2

    What happens when a permanent magnet is wound with a copper wire

    what happens when a permanent magnet is wound with a copper wire (inductor) and the inductor is connected to some volatge? Will the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet increase (i.e., make the permanent magnet more strong)?
  29. berkeman

    Medical H2O2 and wound care in the field

    Hydrogen peroxide is routinely used for cleaning abrasions and lacerations at athletic events where I work or volunteer. We use 3% H2O2 to help clean and debride the wounds, prior to dressing and bandaging (typically with Telfa non-stick pads and triple-antibiotic ointment). But I've heard...
  30. J

    Someone who has suffered a gunshot wound can only be operated in a public hospital

    In India someone who has suffered a gunshot wound can only be operated in a public hospital once a FIR has been registered with police. I don't exactly understand that FIR requirement because sometimes people are so critically wounded that urgent medical care is needed. Is there also such a...
  31. C

    Medical Terminology: weep (of a wound)

    Terminology: "weep" (of a wound) Consider a typical open sore or wound -- in this case, from poison ivy contact. What do you call the yellowish secretions? I've heard it as 'weeping', but my Google searches haven't shown this to be particularly common -- and of course it's confused with...
  32. D

    Field loss in a shunt wound dc motor

    In a field loss event, why does a shunt wound dc motor run away? From my understand of electric motor, the armature spins because it's magnetic field pushes/pulls against the field winding's magnetic field. If I remove power to the field winding, then shouldn't the motor slows down because the...
  33. F

    Is Aluminum-Aluminum wound transformer better than Copper-Copper Transformer?

    Copper-wound Transformers were proven tested to be reliable and were used by utilities years ago, because of its low-cost and capabilities. However, with their high cost nowadays, we plan to use Aluminum-wound transformers. Based on facts, aluminum's characteristics in terms of its electrical...
  34. F

    Telcon Strip Wound Toroidal Cores

    Does anyone know where one could find such a material that is either by ordering online where delivery can be within a week to Toronto or a store near/in the city of Toronto? Much appreciated.
  35. I

    Non uniformly wound solenoid (no Mag. field?)

    I made two solenoids using the same amount of wire (1000ft of 24 AWG) around 2 identical bobbins. One of them I painstakingly wound the wire uniformly and tightly. This solenoid is strong enough to pull a steel rod into the middle of the core. The other I haphazardly wound as fast and...
  36. K

    Calculating Inductance of a Tightly Wound Solenoid

    I can't seem to figure out how to solve this problem. If you are given the solenoid length and diameter. And told it consists of a single layer of tightly wound wire with the diameter of the wire given, the change in current thru the wire given, and the change in time given how would you find...
  37. S

    Plastic disc with a coil wound around is axis of rotation

    A question, I have a plastic disc with a coil wound around is axis of rotation. The coil carries current I. Now the disc carries charges at its circumference. Now the current flowing in the coil is brought to 0 instantaneously. This creates Electric Field to be produced that travel in...