A weird homework that requires everyone to answer

In summary, the conversation is about a student's math homework, which involves finding out the percentage of different types of questions in math textbooks from different parts of the world. The student has already answered for their country, Taiwan, and is now gathering data from other places. Another student from India shares that in their central board, the percentage of proof-type questions is 45%, pure calculation type is 45%, and life-related questions is 10%. They also mention that in Taiwan, there is a high percentage of life-related questions, sometimes even in topics that have no direct relation to everyday life.
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Homework Statement

If the following question is inappropriate,please tell me immediately,and I will delete it.[/B]
I got a really weird math homework today:find out questions in math textbooks of other parts of the world look like,specifically,how many percent of:
  1. prove questions(questions that says proof xxxx)
  2. pure calculation problems.
  3. Everyday life related questions.
in the whole textbook.The data that I gathered will be in my report.

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The Attempt at a Solution

Well,I already answered the question of my country,Taiwan. It goes like this:
Prove question 10%
Pure calculation question 40%
life related questions 50%
I just want to gather data from as many places as I can:smile:
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India has got a number of different boards for education. There are two that are "central boards", schools under these two boards have the same rules and syllabi throughout the country. There are several others managed by the state governments, confined to their regions.

I study in one of the central boards. An approximate answer to your question would be:

Proof-type: 45% (mainly in the field of calculus and trigonometry)
Pure calculation type: 45% (in all other topics)
Life-related questions: 10%
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Wrichik Basu said:
Life-related questions: 10%
Just as I expect.Taiwan has the ridiculous amount of life related questions from elementary school to high school, even with topics that has close to no direct relation to everyday lives,because our schools are trying to add more questions with“math spirits”in it,which is fantasticin the first place,until all questions end up to be things like “Suppose someone’s smile is a quadratic function...)which seems completely meaningless to me.
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