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About my career

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    I am planning to persuade the Computer Hardware Engineer career. And I also planning to work in CA(San Jose) or AZ(Phoenix). So i wonder will you get a good pay ? Is there a big chance that i will be laid off.
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    LOL. Nice response Wildman, It about sums it up.

    A Computer Hardware Engineering....

    I never heard of this major, do you mean a Computer Engineer?

    There is always a chance you will get laid off if your in the technology field, just make sure you know more than the other guy and you'll be fine :)

    If your job is replacing/troub shooting hardware, then no you won't get paid a lot if your lucky to find a job doing that.

    If your job is designing processors and/or any other DESIGN job, that engineers get to do if they are lucky, then yes you will get paid a pretty good amount.

    PS: IF you want to design anything being a computer engineering you need AT LEAST your masters, they won't let you touch hardware design with a 4 year degree in Computer Engineering. At best you'll get to write test programs in VHDL/VERILOG with a 4 year degree.

    If you want money though, become a lawyer or doctor, it will be less stressful and you'll get paid more than an engineer in most cases.

    From what I've seen/heard from my managers/peers, if you want to stay in the engineering field, you will hit a cieling on how much you'll get paid, after that, if you want more money you have to become a manager. Depending on how big the company is, if you want to become a manager you'll need to go to school and get your MBA.

    Where you won't be doing any design/programming or anything like that you'll be bossing people around and dealing with clients more.
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