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Acceleration and Inertia

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    A uniform sphericall shell of mass=4.5kg and radius= 8ck can rotate about a vertical axis on frictionless bearings. A massless cord passes around the equator of the shell, over a pulley of rotational inertia, I = 3.0 * 10^2 and radius = 5.0cm and is attached to a small object of mass = 0.60kg.

    Using Newtonian dynamics and rotational motion:
    (a) Find the acceleration of the block
    (b) the angular acceleration of the shell and pulley
    (c) the tensions in the cord.
    (d) Let the small object start from rest at t=0. Use energy considerations to find the speed of the object when it has fallen 82cm.

    Formulas I calculated

    ma= mg-T
    alpha= acceleration/radius
    torque= I0*alpha
    torque= Isp * alphasp
    torque/radius= Tension - Tension^1
    Tension^1= tension^1/r
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