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Acceleration/gryo ratings for spinning wheel

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    I will need to put an accelerometer and or gyroscope on a spinning wheel. The wheel has a diameter of 800mm, with the device being 10-20cm from the centre of rotation. It will be need to cope with ground speed of up to 100km/h.

    I am confused as to what ratings the device/s will need in terms of maximum gs for the accelerometer and dps for the gyroscope.

    My current calculation of RPM comes out as around 650, which means I think the gryo would need to be rated at 650/60 * 360 degreees per second. Does that sound right? I'm more confused about the acceleration rating. Any pointers would be appreciated.
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    Acceleration in radial direction is given by the centripetal/centrifugal force - if you measure this you measure the velocity of the wheel, not its acceleration.
    Acceleration in "angular direction" (along a circle) depends on the angular accelerations involved.
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