Accuracy of robotic positioning systems

  1. Hi friends, I search after examples or videos or names of robots or machines that work in a very accurate scale something like one millimeter of accuracy or better accuracy, so if you know about a robot or machine that work very accuracy so I will glad if you can write this in this thread.
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    One millimeter accuracy where?

    There are positioning systems that reach nanometer precision (google "piezo positioning system"), but they will never move something across a room because they can just move by some centimeters, and usually they cannot handle heavy loads.
  4. If you are asking about "industrial robots" then those devices are not considered to be accurate. They are repeatable to a taught point to a small tolerance (as little as plus/minus 0.010 mm).

    A discussion of the topic of industrial robot accuracy vs. repeatability is here.

    If you are asking about those little motorized gizmos that run around the house, lab, yard, or battlefield...well, never mind.
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    CNC lathes for cutting optics typically have an axis resolution of around 7 nanometers.

    Repeatability is somewhat higher than that (mostly due to temperature effects) but can be 20 nanometers.
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