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Acoustic test for the sloshing noise in a tank

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    I am currently doing an acoustic experiment, testing the sloshing noise made by the fluid content in a tank. My software and microphone gives me all the outputs from the sloshing noise but not the loudness calculation. I am needing a figure for every test to key into my statistical software and compare all my different results. How do I calculate the average noise? or even better a certain point in the noise from the time series graph?
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    Integrate the absolute values of the graph using Riemann sums between two time intervals and divide by the difference in time?

    I don't know of any software that does things like that however. But you could write a little script or something I dunno.
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    Andy Resnick

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    This could be a pretty cool experiment. Measuring absolute SPL values requires (AFAIK) a calibrated microphone, I've used a Brüel & Kjær setup. That's probably overkill for your application- I would work with relative measurements rather than absolute.

    Surely you can calculate the average signal from your data- but don't toss away any frequency information: do a Fourier transform on the signal to get a spectrum, I bet that will be interesting, too.
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