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Adding a remote switch to my electric scooter

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    Hi Guys,
    Im totally new here and I'm not even sure if this is the right forum, but I think there are a lot of people here who know all about electronics.

    Ok so I bought an electric scooter. It has an on/off switch but no kind of security. So if I hook it up to a pole and leave, people can still turn it on. That's why I want a remote on/off switch which would allow me to disable the builtin switch. The top of the steering tube is quite easily removed which expose the on/off switch wiring.

    this is the switch I was thinking about: remote switch they say the receiver works on 10-14V.(DC)

    Now the scooter has a huge combination of batteries in it (3.6V ICR18650-M26 2600mAh Max 10A) and the specs say it has a battery charge limit of 42V. Now I don't think all that juice will flow through the builtin switch(will check with a multimeter soon. But what do I need if the voltage is lower or higher than the recommended 10-14V?

    also the standby current is < 5MA, am I correct this is practically nothing?

    so question 1: what to do when voltage doesn't match recommended receiver voltage?
    questions 2: is a RF signal able to go through 1 or 2mm aluminum?
    question 3: Am I correct that I won't even notice the standby current usage after a few hours?
    question 4: if nobody tells me I'm crazy or stupid to even try this can someone guide me through which ports on the receiver I need to connect what. (yes I know where + and - goes but I don't really get the NC/COM/NO.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Why not just replace the simple switch with a locking switch? What does the current simple switch look like?

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    Mount a battery switch close to the battery - I would use a switch like this (meant for boats):
    5408.jpg Then your existing switch does all it is supposed to do, but you can disable everything with the battery switch.
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    This could be worth while taking into account if you intend to leave the device working for extremely long periods but a 10Ah battery would allow 10/5e-3 hours of operation (=2000hours). It's always worth doing the sums.
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    That would be an option if the design was not this clean and if there was room for something like this. That's why I want a remote. So it won't be visible and ruin the clean modern look. Thanks for your reply though!
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    Is there any place to hide a switch? Only you would know about it.
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    You can always beat the thieves by doing something non-standard. A magnet-operated switch underneath a plastic part of the body would be hidden and not easily found even after taking it all apart. No thief would consider carrying a magnet around on a thieving trip.
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    well the only place I can think of is inside the steering tube. That's why I was thinking about a remote rf or something like that.
    that's actually a really good idea! I'll do some research about these kind of switches.
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    The problem with trying to secure a small bike is that a pair of bolt croppers can deal with any chain you could carry with you and it can be lifted into the back of a truck by two burly felons.
    Best to have an old scruffy one that no one would want.
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    true. The reason I want to lock it because I want to go into the city and when I go into a shop I'll leave it there for like 10min, would be nice if I could just remove a magnet or switch. I won't leave it there for long or overnight.
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