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Homework Help: Adding Vectors. Help starting?

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    A commuter airplane starts from an airport and takes the route shown in Figure P3.17. It first flies to city A located at 227.5 km in a direction 30.0° north of east. Next, it flies 195 km 20.0° west of north to city B. Finally, it flies 247 km due west to city C. Find the location of city C relative to the location of the starting point.

    A) km (distance from the starting point)
    B) ° west of north (angle from the starting point)


    I'm not asking for people to do it for me, just show me where to start -- I don't really understand how to do it.. The teacher didn't really help me.
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    Start by breaking down each vector into components. Because each of the angles are known, you should be able to break it down in x and y... Make sure to keep the sign straight (West is -x direction, South is -y direction etc...)
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    Ok. Thanks.
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    Use trig to work out the horizontal and vertical distance moved in each flight between cities.
    Then just add them up into a resultant value, remembering to watch out for different directions.
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    Got it :) Thanks guys.
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