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Advantages of Three Wheel Boot Strap System Airconditioning

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    I want to the advantages of three wheel Bootstrap air-conditioning System over two Wheel system in an air cycle machine used in aircraft environmental control system. Can anyone please help.
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    I've never heard of any of that - there may be a translation issue. Can you provide a source describing these different systems?
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    These are air conditioning system used in aircrafts mainly. Visit this page http://www.thisisecs.com/blog/
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    Just an guess, maybe educated or not.

    But the three wheel provides a more controlled amount of air through the heat exchanger from the fan being connected to the shaft.
    It would work "better" on the ground for the comfort of the passengers I think, when there is no forced air from the movement of the airplane.
    Thermodynamically there doesn't seem to be all that much of a difference if any.
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    Yes may be you are right.Thanks Dude.
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    As an after thought, rather than from just a design perspective, there is also the operations perspective.

    The number of system components to check for proper operation, and if a fault detected then mantainance turnaround.
    With the three wheel, if the airconditioning doesn't function, the fault can be pinpointed more directly to the AC unit - replace the unit.
    In the two wheel, is it the fan for forced flow and/or its electrical circuit, or the AC unit. Mechanics have a few more things to check.
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