What is Aerospace engineer: Definition and 58 Discussions

Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has two major and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. Avionics engineering is similar, but deals with the electronics side of aerospace engineering.
"Aeronautical engineering" was the original term for the field. As flight technology advanced to include vehicles operating in outer space, the broader term "aerospace engineering" has come into use. Aerospace engineering, particularly the astronautics branch, is often colloquially referred to as "rocket science".

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  1. L

    Engineering Mid career guidance as an aerospace engineer

    Hi all, I have a problem that I’m trying to seek some help out on. I have spent nearly 20 years of my life working in Aerospace Engineering, primarily doing contract work, but doing some direct work as well. I feel like I’m coming up against a brick wall, where I can go no further. I think...
  2. D

    Shifting from Mechanical Engineer to Aerospace Engineer

    Hello, Has anyone here started out as a mechanical engineer and shifted to an aerospace engineer? How necessary is an aerospace engineering degree to get into that field? What are some of the barriers that would exist for a mechanical engineer and how would you best get into that field? I am...
  3. sully21

    Courses What is it like to work as an Astrophysicist or an Aerospace Engineer?

    Hi all. I'm currently an aerospace engineering undergraduate student in my second year, but I'm going through a very confusing process of second guessings and would greatly appreciate advice from older people who work in the Aerospace or in the Physics/Astronomy fields to help me compare the...
  4. Roni BM

    I How to derive Non-normalized quaternion with respect to time?

    I know that for normalized quaternion, $$\hat{q}$$, the derivative is given by $$\frac{d\hat{q}}{dt}=\frac{1}{2}\hat{q}\cdot \omega$$ where $$\cdot$$ denotes the quaternion multiplication. I want to calculate the time derivative of a non-normalized quaternion q. I tried to calculate the...
  5. I

    Aerospace undergrad @Purdue -- How do I get a job in Canada?

    HI, I am in my third year at Purdue University. Born Canadian but raised in the US. I wanted to get a job in Canada but don't know where to start...anyone have any suggestions? Do I just start sending a mass email to all companies and hope it ends up in front of the right person?
  6. yecko

    Engineering Mechanical engineering or Aerospace engineer

    I am a year one student who is going to promote to year 2 in September, and I am required to choose between Mechanical engineering or Aerospace engineer within these few days (i just received the urgent message...) I believe I am better in memorization and language skill than mathematics...
  7. Neven

    Engineering Mechanical engineer to aerospace engineer?

    HI I am a bit early for a 16years old and already think about it maybe but , my dream is to go in the space , which type of engineer goes in space? And can i start from a mechanical engineer to a aerospace engineer ?
  8. E

    How to Calculate Drag Load of Sticker on Fast Moving Vehicle

    Hi Great Engineers, Need you help. I am required to calculate drag load on sticker to ensure it is not peeling off in operation. The vehicle may moves as fast as 220 km/hr with rectangular sticker size of 30 cm x 40 cm, thickness 0.0635 mm on its body. Wind direction is parallel to 40 cm length...
  9. Gjmdp

    Engineering Should I be an Aerospace engineer or an Astronomer?

    I have this conondrum since long ago, and it's really hurting me. I love both Aerospace engineering and Astronomy, and I know I can study both. The thing is I'll be an Aerospace engineer or an Astronomer. I know I can't be both. I really love Astronomy: Physics, Science, Mathematics; because I...
  10. Dheer Parikh

    Engineering Aerospace Engineer or Master of Physics in COSMOSES

    I want to go in ISRO or NASA accordingly.But for that I am confused that Should I do Master of Physics in cosmology or i should go with Aerospace Engineering.Pls give me suggestion which one of this is better
  11. Ivan Ramos

    Engineering Important career advice needed

    hello, I am currently a sophomore pursuing a bachelor's in chemical engineering at Auburn University, Alabama. While chemical engineering is a great career, I just do not think that it is for me and I feel like I will enjoy Aerospace engineering a lot more (i really, really like physics and am...
  12. Septenary

    Rebuilding Math Skills to Become a Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer

    I would love to learn math and become a great mechanical / aerospace engineer, but there is one huge problem! I dropped my math classes in the 10th grade because I was an idiot. Years ago I didn't want to learn math, I hated it but now I love learning. I love challenges, learning is truly my...
  13. nikirock021

    What are the qualities I need to be an aerospace engineer?

    I'm fifteen years old and have wanted to become an aerospace engineer for a long time. Controls and simulations is the field in aerospace engineering that seems the most interesting to me right now but I was wondering what I need skill wise to become an aerospace engineer(subjects I need to be...
  14. E

    Which choice should be used for a hollow rectangular bar in MIL-HDBK-5J?

    I have a hollow 2024-T3 rectangular bar and need to check its mechanical and physical properties. So i went through the MIL-HDBK-5J, and it have 3 choice for this material; 1. Sheet 2.Drawn tubing 3.Extruded Bar,rod,and shapes. so for hollow rectangular bar, which one should i choose. 2 or 3...
  15. Aero_Arnendu

    Ph.D chances for an Aerospace Engineer

    Hi, I am Arnendu, will complete my aerospace engineering m.tech course and now wanted to do Ph.D . In which area I should do my ph.d and where? Money?
  16. Aero_Arnendu

    Engineering What is the future of an Aerospace Engineer ?

    Hello Friends, I am Arnendu...Wanted to be an Aerospace Engineer in future... I want some answer regarding this.. At first - 1) Which is better - Aerospace or Aeronautical or Mechanical as mechanical engineers have a wide range of work and they also have the right to join an...
  17. Willelm

    Engineering What should I study of Aerospace Engineer and applied physics

    [[Moderators note: several similar threads have been merged]] I want to work in the aerospace Industry as someone important and successful, like the administrator of NASA. As I'm 15 years old I'm thinking about my future careers and after a long while, I know that I want to study more than 1...
  18. Liechtenstein

    Interested in becoming an Aerospace Engineer

    Sorry if this post has been made before, I could not find it but I have an interest in becoming an aerospace engineer but I have some questions to see if it's even right for me. One question is how good at math do you recommend I be and how much math is really involved? I'm alright at math, not...
  19. K

    Engineering Computer scientist or aerospace engineer

    I just graduated high school and I'm very confused on what to do. I either want to be a computer scientist or an aerospace engineer but I need more insight on what both careers do and what can they do. If anyone can give me some information I would greatly appreciate it.
  20. H

    Engineering Aerospace engineers here is something you might like

    From everything I know till now , aerospace engineers sit behind desks and work for most of the day. I am a high school boy and I find that boring. So my question to all the aerospace engineers out there is whether or not what I just said is true? Followed by , do you guys have any kind {and i...
  21. Astronaut

    Astrophysicist vs aerospace engineer

    Hi.. Please guide me what to do.. I am from India where Astrophysicists are not much neither they have importance. 70% of them are jobless. I want to explore how space works and all things related. But I belong to a middle class family and fear that if i became jobless I will suffer with my...
  22. A

    Engineering Writing as an Aerospace Engineer?

    Greetings, I am writing a paper for my university English class. The purpose of it is to recognize or acknowledge the amount of writing (or lack thereof) in our future career choice. As an Aerospace Engineering major, I want to find out if writing is a big part of Aerospace Engineering. I have...
  23. A

    Studying Aerospace Engineering: A High School Senior's Dilemma

    Hi, I'm a high school senior and I was planning on studying Aerospace Engineering but my local university doesn't have it so I was opting to study ME and then move to a bigger uni where they have AE so I can get my masters degree there. Is that a good idea? Plus where would I work after I get my...
  24. A

    Programs Aerospace Engineer Seeking Admission to Masters Program Abroad

    I am currently in my pre-final year of aerospace engineering at one of the top engineering institutes in India. Since my school days, I have been good at physics at math and was particularly fascinated with popular science books based on astronomy. I decided to join the general trend of studying...
  25. W

    What are the main areas of physics and mathematics for aerospace engineer?

    Hello. I'm not a mechanical or aerospace ingineer, but it's interesting for me. What are the main areas of physics and mathematics for aerospace engineer? It seems to me, that main areas of maths are calculus and differential equations, maybe some linear algebra. And I think, that main areas of...
  26. DewYouKnow8

    Programs CS vs. Mechanical Eng - 2nd degree

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, so please let me know if I have made any mistakes in my posting location. As mentioned in the title, I am returning to school for a second undergrad degree. My first degree was in Business Administration - which did not satisfy my academic needs (to say the...
  27. A

    Engineering Aerospace engineer as software developer?

    I am new here, and i really wanted to know if an aerospace engineer (today's aerospace engineers) have the ability or the skill to work as a software developer ? Thanks
  28. C

    Engineering Which is better, being an aerospace engineer or a pilot?

    So i have a best friend and we're both taking this course what you call BS in Aeronautical Engineering. However, the difficulty of math subjects made him decide to plan to shift to BS in Air Transportation (Pilot) but he doesn't have money. He's inviting me to join him in a business but the...
  29. P

    Aerospace Engineer interview for PLTW

    I am a high school student in an engineering course. One of the main portions of my course is interviewing a professional in the field of my choosing, which is aerospace engineering. It would be great if someone would answer these question in order to broaden my knowledge about this field. 1...
  30. A

    What Are the duties of an Aerospace Engineer in Practical Life (Job)?

    Hello Everyone, First I would like to thank you for allowing me to post in this community and Would like to Give a brief background about me: BEng (Hons) Degree: Aerospace Engineering from UK MSc Degree: Advanced methods of Aeronautical Engineering from UK Basically a Fresh Graduate...
  31. B

    Salary for an aerospace engineer

    Hello, I recently received a job offer from an aerospace engineer firm to work for them, but I think they are paying too low. I'm a degreed engineer with about 10 years of experience in the industry but non-managerial. I estimate that the median salary for someone in my position is $93,000...
  32. B

    Engineering Aerospace Engineer jobs for non-US citizens: what are the chances?

    I've been searching for this kind of discussions in the forum and I've found some interesting answers and point of views from many users. But I still have some questions that I'd like to ask. From my understanding, being hired as an engineer (Mech. Eng, Electr. Eng. and so on) or as a...
  33. B

    Engineering Job Prospects for a Physicist and an Aerospace Engineer

    How difficult is it to acquire a job in these professions? Which would you recommend? I have discovered that the career prospects for a physicist (who works in research- astronomy, particle physics etc) are bleak but what about for an aerospace engineer? Also, I live in the UK and yield a...
  34. W

    Programs Aspiring Aerospace Engineer BS ME minor applied math?

    I am currently in school for an undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in aerospace (i.e. Aerodynamics instead of fluid dynamics, propulsion instead of applied thermo, and some aerospace electives). I have hopes after to work for an aviation company such as Boeing...
  35. P

    26 years journalist needs advise to become an aerospace engineer

    Yeah, it sounds impossible for me too, but I'm very committed to do it and I'm a hard worker. I need some guidance. Please be as kind as possible. the thing is that after working in an industry I choose when I was 16 without knowing myself very much I am ready for a career change...
  36. I

    How do I become a Aerospace engineer?

    One day I would love to design aircraft. I have my private pilots license but I find myself more interested in the systems of the airplanes I fly, and the designs of airplanes than actually flying them. Would I need to get my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, or would I have to specialize?
  37. A

    A Confused New Undergraduate Aerospace Engineer need some advice

    Hi everyone, I am a new Undergraduate, enrolled in the Aerospace engineering program at the University Of Balamand in Lebanon. In my country (Lebanon), jobs in this field of Engineering are almost destitute ! Aerospace engineering is in my Veins, It is Everything I've always dreamed of being...
  38. G

    Aerospace Engineer or Mechanical Engineer?

    Hi, I am trying to decide whether I should major in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering. I want to work for Boeing after college doing something with airplanes. I'm going to be a senior in high school next year. Should I go for aerospace or mechanical? I know since I want to work on planes...
  39. G

    Engineering Petroleum Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, or Aerospace Engineer?

    Petroleum Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, or Aerospace Engineer?? Moderator's note: several related threads have been merged into one. Hi, I am trying to decide between these majors. I am going to be a Senior in High School next year. I live in Washington State. If I was a petroleum...
  40. J

    Learning a second language as an aerospace engineer

    Hopefully someone with some experience in the field can help me out here: I'm currently studying engineering and I'm going to use my liberal arts concentration to learn a second language. In the aerospace engineering field, i would think it would be beneficial to know Russian, Mandarin, or...
  41. L

    Best computer for aerospace engineer: mac or pc?

    Hello, I am currently in my early school phases on my path to becoming an aerospace major. I know there are programs which engineers use for design purposes and other programs as well which they need for their profession. Since i am still in school i have not had the experience of finding...
  42. T

    Can anybody tell me what the life of a aerospace engineer is like

    can anybody tell me what the life of a aerospace engineer is like
  43. C

    What's a good home built gift for an aerospace engineer?

    Hi, I've got a friend who's birthday is coming up. She's an aerospace engineer and I was thinking it would be fun to build a small project for her but I'm not sure what. I want it to be specifically aerospace related. I've seen designs for how to build a pocket jet engine, but I wasn't so...
  44. A

    Engineering What does an Aerospace Engineer actually do ?

    What does an Aerospace Engineer actually "do"? Q1: What does an Aerospace/Aeronautical engineer actually do? I've done some research spread out over the last few weeks (Wikipedia, etc) and I've discovered it's a pretty broad topic (Fluid Dynamics, Astrodynamics, Propulsion, etc). It seems like...
  45. Cyrus

    A day in the life of an Aerospace Engineer

    A thread\blog of some aerospace stuff I get to do on a day to day basis. These photos are from the AUVSI convention I went to last week. I will be attending a CFD training session\conference in early September out in California. I'll post and pictures from that if I take any, though I doubt it...
  46. D

    Programs What is an appropriate minor for an Aerospace Engineer?

    I'm just starting my sophomore year as an undergrad and am thinking about my major. I'm planning on getting a doctorate in Aerospace Engineering and was wondering which minor would be most useful/appropriate. For my actual job, I plan on doing research and development for some Astronautical...
  47. A

    Engineering Follow me becoming and Aerospace Engineer

    I plan on giving lots of insight and asking my fair share on this awesome forum. One thing that I'd like to share is my blog on how I'm becoming an Aerospace Engineer, for any of you that are interested in possibly becoming one some day. I write at least once a day on subjects involving...
  48. Cyrus

    Non-Academic Books Every Aerospace Engineer Should Read

    Non-academic books every aerospace engineer should read: You MUST read this book. It should be required reading at any school! [1] Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years of Lockheed (Paperback): by Ben R. Rich (Author), Leo Janos (Author) http://www.sci.fi/~fta/kelly-bk.jpg...
  49. W

    Engineering What is life as an Aerospace Engineer like?

    QoL,Location,Pay,especially what do you do for work? I'll listen for now and will chime in later..
  50. L

    Can a Test Pilot Transition to Aerospace Engineering at NASA?

    I'm a rising high school junior and over this summer I've decided that I would like to be a Test Pilot in the Air Force, going through AFROTC. I plan on getting an aerospace engineering degree (possibly mechanical, or both) in college. Now, the question is what is the feasibility of...