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Can an aerospace Engineer please complete this interview for a PLTW student?

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    Please read, it's for a PLTW term paper!

    Hello, I am a high school student enrolled in the PLTW (Project Lead the Way: Principles of Engineering) Program, and I was instructed to do a term paper on any type of engineering. I have chosen aerospace engineering, and I am required to conduct an interview with a professional in the field I am researching. If any aerospace engineer could please answer these questions I have provided, I would be very grateful.
    -Diana (A 9th grade student)

    Interview Questions:

    -Exactly in which position of aerospace engineering do you work for? Describe this position.

    -Describe your duties and responsibilities in your field of aerospace engineering.

    -What type of company do you work for?

    -What are the requirements for your position?

    -What type of college degree is needed?

    -What type of college courses did you need to take?

    -How long have you worked in this field for?

    -What College did you attend?

    -What is your daily routine at your job?

    -Do you preform your job as a group of people or individually?

    -What are some current projects you are working on?
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    please someone??
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    2.designing the dynamic of an air\spacecraft that have the best performance\cost ratio
    3.the most known nasa or lockheed martin and also TAI(in Turkey)
    4.a good geometry and aerodynamics knowledge the rest after sorry ı have to go
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    I have gotten a response, thank you
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