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Aerospace Engineering vs Engineering Physics

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    I'm having a hard choice on what to aim for. I am really interested in flight/propulsion/etc, but also would like a general knowledge so that I keep my options open. I am intent on working as hard as possible, so difficulty or application is not of concern to me. What are some of the advantages/disadvantages of each major? I'm not even completely clear on what an engineering physics program has to offer and what kinds of things it would lead to in terms of careers. Any information or insight would be helpful. Thanks :)
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    You are the best, whatever...You are welcome :)
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    The field you would aim at if you eventually wanted to build neat new airplanes
    would be Aircraft Maintenance Engineering .
    This does require a solid knowledge of physics , but studying physics and
    math will not , by itself , lead you anywhere .
    Aircraft Enginering is a specialty field .
    The industry relies on everything being traceable to who built it , in case
    anything fails .
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