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Aeroturbine Windturbine

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    There is one installed on a building near my office. I'll post pics later.

    The rotor is very simple, like two semi-circular troughs twisted around the central axis.
    http://www.aerotecture.com/510VSpec-Sheet2.pdf [Broken]

    One needs a strong wind for any appreciable electrical power. One has to so some research on the local wind conditions, probably starting with the local weather station to get an hour-by-hour wind speed curve, and use that to estimate the kWh/yr.
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    Re: Aeroturbine/Windturbine

    Saw a couple of these on the Green Channel not long ago, but those were mounted horizontally, which made wind direction critical. They remind me of the windmill my family once tried to make by cutting old oil-drums in half!
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