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After the Information Age?

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    What's your Age? How about the Age of Consciousness?

    When we respectfully acknowledge all sentient life. When artificial life and physics in general become indistinguishable from biology. When all of our thoughts are self-determined. When science allows awareness beyond immediate observation. When extrasensory perception is recognized by common consensus. When life has no definite bounds...

    What's your Age?
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    Well Id doubt we will develop artificial life any time soon, but a consequence of information age would be what I'd assume the development of a hive mind. No longer are we separated individuals, we would have transmitters or whatnot to be able to communicate to anyone else with vast detailed information. Each person would suffice as a neuron in some large networked brain.

    (I'm not imagining this as a horror world as I might have typed it out to resemble, but as a world where we are pretty much telepathic via technology, and of the consequences hatred, fear etc would disappear.)
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    I believe the society you describe may be called "altruistic." Indeed, some form of that could improve on the system we have currently. Information would behave more democratically, connecting all individuals directly yet eclectically.

    Bee colonies can use their comprehensive neural net in both an immediately communicative and individually environmental way.
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    I wouldn't mind living in the age of space exploration, terraforming and colonizing entire planets. I don't care if it takes 1000 years to reach it. Give me the Ted Williams treatment and thaw me out on the other side. Even if I have to live inside biodomes for the rest of my life while giant machines manipulate the atmosphere, and I could only venture outside in an EVA suit, it would be worth it as long as the view is good. I could spend my time farming and mining and repairing machines, learning all the stuff I would need to know to survive. Then, when the atmosphere will sustain plant life we could seed the oceans with algae and the land with grasses and trees. Then we could live on the surface and breed animals from genetic stock and release them into the wild. If I die before all that can be finished then my children will have to continue, and then their children. But one day someone arrives from Earth and they step out of their spaceship and set foot on something amazing that I helped create. Seems like a good deal to me.
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    Almost of Biblical proportions - don't forget Eve!
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    Nah, I'm just tired of the masses on this planet. Somebody stop the ride. I want to get off.

    The sad thing is that as soon as people do start arriving and populating the new planet, assuming I lived that long, I'd become increasingly unhappy again. I love cooperation, but I hate authority. So after that planet runs out of ungoverned land I'd probably have to start the whole process over again.

    Eve is always welcome. So is her brother Steve. It's a community mission, not a one man job.
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