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AIPS: flagging bad data, calibration, etc

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    i am trying to learn AIPS in preparation to doing research in radio astronomy. I know the basics of radio astronomy and that AIPS is used to reduce data and remove errors from images due to atmospheric disturbances, but I don't really know what kind of errors in the data I should be looking for...like how do I know to flag an antenna as bad? Why do I have to plot antenna temp vs time to see which antenna are bad? Why should phase vs UV distance be a straight line? Why are there so many different file names associated with radio images: uvfits, imfits, etc, what are the differences between them?

    Can anyone suggest a good textbook or websites explaining these subjects? Basically my main subject of interest is, once I have some image data (downloaded from nrao archives for example), what should I do with it in AIPS?
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    Temperature affects sensitivity.
    Here's your site.
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