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Album art

  1. Sep 4, 2005 #1
    I have a question about album art in windows xp. A lot of my music was taken from backup disks and didn't come with album art, they were burnt under windows me. I've went ahead and searched a P2P network for album art and retrieved most of what I need. The problem I am having is that quite a few albums won't show in the main music folder on their artist' folder. I've tried manipulating the files to figure it out, but it beats me. Here's a couple sample lists of files for an album

    C:\Documents and Settings\Griffin\My Documents\My Music\Godsmack\The Other Side

    C:\Documents and Settings\Griffin\My Documents\My Music\Godsmack\Godsmack (Clean)

    C:\Documents and Settings\Griffin\My Documents\My Music\Godsmack\Awake

    Here's what puzzles me. of these three albums, they all work like they should except for the fact that The Other Sides art doesn't show on Godsmack's artist folder. I figure I need one large and one small, meaning the other side and Awake both have one extra jpeg. Then again, the extra one may be for in a media player.
    I have this same problem with other artists too. I've thought maybe it was the lack of two possible files. Desktop.ini and Thumbs.???, a database file.

    here's the contents of a desktop.ini file

    anyone have any helpful information? I could shell out a lot more examples, but there's already quite a bit of info on the plate. Thanks
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