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Aluminum grade selection

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    Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions on selecting an Aluminum grade which fits the following criteria--

    -The cheaper the better!
    -Medium hard to very hard
    -Highly machinable (I'd like to see chips, not strings.)
    -Holds anodize well
    -Strength is not particularly important

    I have some ideas, but it's always nice to see some validation of those ideas without sharing exactly what they are. It'll boost my confidence that I made a good choice. Thanks in advance!

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    Doug Huffman

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    I believe bicycles are often 6061 or 7005.
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    If hardness isn't a huge priority, I'd look into something like 6061-T6. If you need high hardness though, I don't think you can get it without going to a fairly expensive, less machinable alloy (like 7075).
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