Aluminum square tubing strength

  1. I am wondering if anyone would be so kind as to help me with a project. I am wondering what size aluminum square tubing it would take to build a "T" with the horizontal top being 4 feet in length and being able to hold 250 lbs. at each end and 1 ft. in from each end, totalling 1,000 lbs. I know what size tubing I need in steel but I would like to make the structure lighter and am not familiar with the strength of aluminum for such a cantilever. Just trying to see if aluminum is a viable option. Thanks, Bruce
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  3. Pure aluminium is too soft for construction purposes.
    Many common alloys (ie silumin) has better strength/weight ratio, than ordinary steel.
    But are more expensive.
    Should also pay attention for the operating temperature and corrosion factors.
  4. It might, but you've left out too much information.
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