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Am I seeing the right stats for this forum?

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    The homepage of this forum gives the following stats:

    Threads: 638,474
    Posts: 4,515,531
    Members: 205,067

    Are these the aggregates since the very first day this forum was founded (ie. 2001)?

    May I know what has been the trends for these metrics over time?
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    I don't think those stats are counted from the very first day the forum was founded. PhysicsForums, as far as I know, got completely rebuilt once, from 0. I believe the stats before that rebuild are not counted there.
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    As DataGG mentioned, those stats are only starting from some point in 2003. We lost around 200,000 posts when we moved to vBulletin. We also continually prune poor quality threads, posts and members.
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    ignore[Approximately when were those numbers reset?]

    It would be nice to know the time trends for those metrics, like how data.stackexchange provides.
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    Yes it would be nice
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    Including deleted posts, we are at 4,820,000 since 2003. You can see this number via the postid of each post (part of the direct link to a post). This post has the ID 4,820,293.
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